How to Find Hotels in Fiji

If you are wondering how to find a hotel in Fiji, then this is how you do it. Fiji has some wonderful hotels and resorts in exotic locations with plenty of activities at your disposal.


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    Learn about the hotel hotspots for Fiji. They are Nadi and Suva. Nadi is for people passing through and Suva predominantly for people on business.
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    If you are stopping over in Fiji, then the town of Nadi is your transit point. You will arrive at Nadi International Airport. A couple of hotels are walking distance, and many more within a 10-minute taxi ride of the airport, with many having 24-hour shuttle buses. For 5-star treatment, grab a cheap 20-minute taxi to Denarau Island. A good place to start looking is with TripAdvisor [1].
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    Be aware of the different reasons you are visiting Fiji. This will determine which hotel location you might choose.
    • If you are on business, chances are it's in Suva. Suva is the heart of Fiji and a regional centre for many aspects in the South Pacific. A good place to start is TripAdvisor [2]. Most are in good central locations, and a few are waterside with ocean views. Note: you will most likely still arrive at Nadi International Airport on the other side of the island, and will need a transfer.
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    Look at what specific locations offer in Fiji. If you are coming to Fiji for a holiday/vacation, then staying at a resort is a better option. Here's a few pointers:
    • Honeymoon/couples - Fiji has gorgeous resorts specifically for couples. Start with my How to find a honeymoon venue in Fiji article.
    • Family - aim for resorts that are 'child friendly'. These resorts have amenities such as kids clubs, nannies, and kids activities including a kids pool, to ease the burden off parents.
    • Budget - Fiji is generally a mid-range priced destination, but chic budget resorts can be found if you do your research.
    • Luxury - Fiji has some world class luxury resorts and is particularly a sound choice for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.


  • All upmarket hotels should have credit card facilities.
  • The Fijian dollar is the currency in Fiji.


  • Fiji is laid back with a relaxed island atmosphere. Enjoy this genuine warm hospitality and don't expect the western efficient business styles like in New York, London and Sydney.
  • Budget hotels may not have card facilities, so have Fijian dollars handy.

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