How to Find Horse Related Jobs

If you have a passion for horses and a desire to work with them in some capacity, then you will undoubtedly need to look for work in the equestrian field. Ideally, you should decide what kind of work you would like to pursue. But whether it is as a horse trainer, breaker, or groomer, the steps needed to find horse related jobs are the same.


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    Search online for equine employment listings. In the age of the Internet you can research horse related opportunities near and far. The Internet provides a wealth of information, including numerous job-searching websites. Many of these sites allow you to register with them, and in return they will send you emails of job openings as they become available.
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    Make a list of barns, and look them up online when researching equestrian jobs. If these locations are looking for help, they will usually include that information on their website.
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    Subscribe to equestrian magazines and review their advertisements. Oftentimes, industry publications offer a classified section that includes job opportunities. If not, you can still research names of horse barns online.
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    Use your contacts to your advantage in your horse related job search. If you know someone in the horse industry, a trainer or barn owner, or if you know someone who knows someone, don't be afraid to use that association to put in a good word for yourself. Mention your interest in the equestrian field and that you are looking for work in that industry, even if it's just to get a foot in the door. These contacts would be great informational resources too. Pick their brains and find out the best way to break into the business.
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    Contact barn owners directly, even if you don't know them. Make a call or drop in for a visit. Explain your interest in working with horses and how much experience you have, if any. Be honest and down to earth, and if you have a true passion for horses the barn owner will recognize it. If there are no jobs currently available, request a referral to another barn that may be interested, or leave your contact information and ask that you be contacted should anything open up.
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    Get the word out about your interest in jobs with horses by posting fliers in industry related retail locations, such as tack and feed stores. These locations often provide a message board for such advertisements. You can also leave a flyer with barn owners that you drop in to visit.


  • Consider an intern position to get your foot in the door. Sometimes it's best not to be too picky about what you apply for in the equestrian field. If this is something that you are passionate about, you may want to consider taking what you can get, including an internship as a horse groomer or handyman. It may not be your ultimate goal of becoming a horse trainer, but it may get you there eventually. And in the mean time you can build your resume with valuable knowledge and allow your employer to see what you are truly capable of.

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