How to Find Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement including Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and HGH replacement is becoming a very important part of medical and health care practices. The emphasis is on preventive medicine and healthy aging through age management and anti-aging therapies including anti-oxidant vitamins and supplements. All hormones decline with age presenting hormone imbalances in women especially at menopause and for men at andropause. Through a combination of proper nutrition, exercise and hormone balance - people can control how well they age. Hormone Therapy Clinics specialize in providing hormone replacement services.


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    Search for a licensed physician with experience in HRT, hormone replacement therapy and make an appointment to visit the physician. Make sure they have experience with bio-identical (naturally-derived) hormones.
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    Arrange to have your blood tested at a lab to ascertain your current hormone levels and profile.
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    Set up a consultation with your hormone physician for a medical health evaluation which includes a detailed review of your lab tests, physical exam, medical assessment including symptoms, lifestyle and medical history to determine if you qualify for hormone therapy.
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    If your physician approves you for hormone therapy he will provide you with a prescription for your individualized hormone medicine dosage(s) and full details of your hormone therapy program.
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    You will receive your hormone medications and other hormone therapy supplies and receive instructions on how to properly administer your hormone therapy.


  • Testosterone Therapy can be helpful to both men and women.
  • All hormone levels decline with age and should be replenished in order to maintain hormonal balance.
  • Bio-identical hormones are structurally similar to those produced by the human body.
  • Human Growth Hormone - HGH is known as the "master hormone" as it helps regulate all body functions.


  • Hormone therapy should only be undertaken with the supervision of a licensed physician.

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