How to Find Hidden Cameras

Two Methods:Use Your EyesUse Counter-Surveillance Techniques

Do your spidey senses tingle when you enter a room, or walk down the street, and you just know you're being watched? These days, you're probably right—spy cams are everywhere, and more are being added every day. You're probably wondering how to find those hidden cameras so that you can protect your well-being as well as your privacy. We'll show you how.

Method 1
Use Your Eyes

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    Spot tell-tale signs. While the camera may be hidden, the lens can only be camouflaged.
    • Locate possible places that hidden cameras can be found in a personal residence or business. Start in logical places such as in the bedroom, in the living room, or especially near valuable items.
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    • Common items to have video cameras hidden in them include books, smoke detectors, desk plants, house plants, tissue boxes, stuffed teddy bears and electrical outlets.
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    • Check for cameras in less conspicuous items as well. These can include a gym bag, a purse, DVD cases, air filter equipment, eyeglasses, lava lamps, buttons or a Phillips screwdriver.
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    • Look for a little hole, no bigger than this "o," somewhere on the side facing the room.
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    • Look for mirrors that seem to have no reason to be where they are. It may be next to impossible to spot the camera, but you can be alert to the possibility.
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    Watch for and avoid hidden cameras in public places.
    • Search for areas that would offer the best field of vision. This is generally higher up on buildings or in open areas without obstructions.
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    • Look for glass or plastic domes, particularly tinted ones. Public cameras are generally found behind protective shields. Chances are if it's facing the room, and is either mirrored or translucent, there's a camera behind it.
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Method 2
Use Counter-Surveillance Techniques

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    Purchase a wireless camera detector from the Internet or through a local electronic store.
    • Use your purchased camera detector to perform a sweep of the room you are searching.
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    Use your cell phone. Place a call to and then wave the device around a suspected item. Your phone will make clicking and buzzing noises near a product that emits an electromagnetic field.
    • Not all phones will do this, but if you've noticed that your phone tweedles or buzzes near speakers, or when a call is about to come in, it will work.
    • Dismantle the device. If you suspect a case of voyeurism or invasion of privacy by a stalker or predator, notify the authorities at once.
    • Work with the authorities to locate the video feed box. It will appear as a plain metal box that has cables running into it.
    • If you're the invader, sorry—you're busted!


  • Wireless cameras operate with a wireless transmitter and tend to be bit larger because they contain the wireless transmitter. These can operate on a battery and be transmittable to a recording device within a range of about 200 feet (60.96 m). This type can be popular for people looking to spy on other individuals.
  • Perform the same discrete visual checks and sweeps in hotels and in workplaces. In a workplace and in other business settings, realize that dummy cameras may be set up to intimidate you into good behavior.
  • Hardwired cameras are typically the kind used in businesses to prevent crime. These can connect with a recording device or with television monitors.


  • Avoid being seen by public cameras by staying out of their line of sight, and take advantage of their blind spots.

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