How to Find Great Hotel Deals

Traveling is definitely not cheap. In order to be a savvy traveler, you want to be able to find great hotel deals. Follow these steps to save on your next hotel room.


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    Check hotel deal websites daily.
    • There are several websites, such as PriceLine, and Expedia that allow you to track prices of several hotels at one time. They also tend to offer the lowest rates on hotel rooms. All you need to do is enter the dates you want to travel, where you are looking for a hotel and the type of room you are looking for. Try changing your arrival and departure days, if your travel is flexible, to see if you are able to get a deal by just adjusting the days that you travel. You may be able to get lower prices for staying during the week as opposed to the weekend.
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    Sign up for website notifications.
    • Most travel deal websites will send you an email when new deals are advertised. It is simple to sign up and to designate what hotel deals you are interested in being notified about. You may be able to cash in on last-minute hotel deals if your travel plans are loose. It isn't uncommon to be notified of especially low hotel rates that are only good for a few days following the promotion. This isn't something you can always count on, but it is definitely worth keeping your eyes open for.
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    Call the hotel you are interested in to find out about upcoming packages and promotions.
    • While checking the web is typically the best way to find an inexpensive hotel room, it is always a good idea to go right to the source. Hotels don't always advertise their deals and may be willing to offer you a deal on a room the day of your arrival if they are not full for the night. Again, your travel plans would have to be flexible, but the flexibility has the possibility of really paying off.
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    Book well in advance.
    • Hotels are known to offer special deals well ahead of time. Ask the hotel about its cancellation policy to be sure you don't regret making a reservation well in advance. It is possible there is a catch to the attractive price. Be sure to ask about all of the stipulations of the deal before booking.
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    Consider the season in which you will be traveling.
    • You can find some really great hotel prices if you are willing to travel during the off-season. You will likely pay far less for a hotel room if you don't mind going to Florida in the dead of summer or to Minnesota in the middle of winter. Travel when no one else is traveling and you are sure to be rewarded with deeply discounted hotel rooms.

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