How to Find Good Accessories when Shopping

Do you want to choose the perfect accessories to dress up an outfit? Keep reading for tips to shopping and finding jewelry, hats bags and other accessories to spice up any outfit.


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    Go to your local mall or shopping center. Check out accessory stores, discount stores and closeout stores. Look for name brands on sale, pieces that are of good weight and construction and items from stores that seem to offer good quality for the price.
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    Look around. Look at jewelry and bags, etc. Window shop and get ideas for mixing and matching accessories. Write down any ideas and consider what you have at home to wear with it.
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    Look for deals. It's alright to shop for deals. You can often find great deals on individual pieces and have more money left to diversify your collection. Avoid hard to match items such as bright colors unless they offer other pieces in the collection.
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    Be frugal when shopping for accessories to wear with super trendy outfits or outfits you won't wear too often. This is especially important when shopping for trendy accessories. Try to find trendy pieces on sale or at less expensive stores. Spend more on items you'll get more wear out of. There will be the exception, such as items to match formal wear but by keeping your eyes open for deals you can also be ready for special events.
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    Look at accessories individually and think about what shirts, jeans, shoes, etc. the individual accessory could match.
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    Try not to think of it just in terms of outfits already put together but accessories you can use to get more wear out of each wardrobe piece and to create new outfits.
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    When buying any accessory look for other items that match it. Often stores will carry earrings and complementary necklaces, bracelets, etc. When possible pick up the matching pieces.
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    Go into a shop where you bought one of your outfits, and try to find the same outfit. This may be necessary for styles and colors that are hard to match elsewhere. Then, get together some accessories from the same shop and try them next to your outfit. Also think about how flexible it will be with other outfits.
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    Check out fashion magazines or magazines which cater to your style of dress. See what trends are on the rise. From there you can keep your eyes open for deals when you see them.
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    Go through your collection. Purge any broken pieces that can't be fixed, items that you've decided don't work for you or anything you just don't like.
    • Look through your closet first. It's easy to forget what you have. You may have outfits to wear with existing accessories but don't realize it until you think about what you have in a different way.
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    Make a list of items you need. Think about earrings without matching bracelets or necklaces, bags without matching shoes, bland outfits that need a color kick, etc. Stick the list in the back of your wallet and refer to it when shopping.
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    Observe others. If you see someone with the same style as you, look closely at their outfits and how they accessorize it. If you really like a look you should make yourself a note and look for ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe.
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    Don't go wild with colours and patterns on accessories as those can be hard to match. If you must shop for colors you should bring a part of your outfit along. Many people have mismatched accessories because they bought an item that turned out not to match. You don't want to increase your non-wearable collection you want to make your entire collection functional.
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    Look for items that can be worn with multiple outfits as well as pieces for special events and specific outfits or looks.
    • If you wear silver or gold you should shop for several pairs of basic designs that can be mixed and matched to be worn daily.
    • Bland outfits can be spruced up with colorful accessories.
    • Rhinestones can dress up a casual outfit or balance out your dressier outfits. When shopping for rhinestones look for earrings, bracelets and necklaces. By having a set you'll always be ready. Pick up good deals following prom season to build your accessory collection of dressier items. Look online, at street sales, etc. for great deals on rhinestone pieces.
    • Bangles and bracelets can be mixed and match to further accessorize your look. Don't just look for colors but for metals that work with earrings or necklaces you already own.
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    • Black stones, pearls, clear stones or stones that match many pieces in your wardrobe can be functional jewelry pieces. Try to buy in sets. If you must get a color it can always be worn to dress up neutrals if the color match doesn't work. To be safe, always get the other pieces that match it.
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    Look for handbags and hats and think of what items you have at home you could pair with it.
    • Think about hats to match swimsuits or cover-ups
    • Look for hats that offer neutral colors that can be worn with variety of outfits. Try to find hats that are comfortable and work with your hairstyle.
    • Hat shop with a friend. It's very hard to judge what looks good and what doesn't. Even those that wear hats often still ask a friend for an honest opinion.
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    Remember to check out the clearance sections. Think ahead, some items may be on sale and going out of season. If it's something you really like pick it up and save it until the seasons change. This is a great way to pick up metal (gold, silver, etc.) that can be worn daily. These items aren't seasonal but designers rotate jewelry with seasons just as they do clothes.
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    Beware of multi-colored and patchwork bags. People often think these match everything. You must actually be careful with combining too many patterns, patterns that don't match or a multi-colored bag with an outfit without any complimenting colors. You're better off finding solid colored bags or bags with trims. Add a scarf to add color. If you do get a multi-colored bag, pick a color from it and make it seem like it is a part of your outfit and not like you were too busy to change bags.


  • Have an accessory party with friends. Let everyone bring over unwanted pieces. You may be able to trade for something that works better for you. Make sure you clean anything before wearing it.
  • If you're a little obsessive about the colors going together in your outfit, just buy the piece that's your favorite color. Chance is, there's more of that color in your wardrobe, and you can combine what you just bought with what you already have to make an awesome outfit!
  • If you need to shop for a particular outfit, you could try going out shopping whilst wearing that outfit.
  • Don't forget the internet can be a great tool for shopping as well. However, do remember that sometimes the pictures online aren't all that accurate.
  • Look at pictures of celebrities with the same style as you for ideas as well.
  • Have a friend help you look through your closet, jewelry box, bags, shoes, belts, etc. You may have more combinations than you realized. It often helps to have fresh eyes to help you see things differently. The friend doesn't even need to be a super stylish person, just someone who can get the creative juices flowing.


  • It's hard to judge quality when buying online from random sites. Try shopping by brands you trust.
  • Some sites misrepresent color, quality and sometimes even say something is designer when it isn't. Shop with caution when shopping online. Try shopping from reputable sites and not from individuals or ebay stores.

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