How to Find Gateway of Computer System

One Parts:Windows OS

Gateway is the node which acts as entrance to another network. At some point of time when we need to troubleshoot network connectivity or path, we need to know the ipaddress of gateway. So here is the steps for that :

Windows OS

  1. Image titled 1. control
    Open Control Panel.
  2. Image titled Net status and tasks 1
    Click on View "network status and tasks".
  3. Image titled LAN 2
    Click on "Local Area Connection".
  4. Image titled Details 7
    Click on "Details".
  5. Image titled Lan status
    Check the value against field gateway. It is ipaddress of node which connects you to other network.


  • You can directly double click on LAN symbol to open "Local Area Connection".


  • There can be slight difference in menu navigation across flavors of windows.

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