How to Find Dialysis Centers While Traveling

With thousands of dialysis centers around the world, people who need kidney treatments do not have to stay at home. With some planning, dialysis patients can arrange for dialysis treatments while traveling for business or pleasure. Use these steps on how to find dialysis centers while traveling.


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    Talk to the travel coordinator at your regular dialysis center. This is often the social worker or charge nurse. He or she may be able to answer many of your questions and help you in planning for dialysis treatment during your trip.
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    Start planning your trip as early as possible. Begin planning at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance to allow sufficient time and flexibility for scheduling treatments and forwarding all the necessary medical records and other paperwork.
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    Search dialysis directories. Several websites offer searchable directories of dialysis centers located all over the world. Refine your search to account for dialysis centers that meet your specific needs and locations.
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    Contact the dialysis center(s) to schedule your treatments and make payment arrangements. Let them know when you expect to be in their area and when you think you'll need treatment.
    • They will also need to know your name, address, home dialysis center, brief medical history, your treating physician's name and contact information, and insurance information.
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    Notify your home dialysis center of your travel plans. Let them know that another center might request medical records and any important treatment information forwarded to them.
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    Carry hard copies of all important medical information with you. If there is a delay in sending the records, you can provide hard copies to the staff.
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    Confirm your dialysis treatment schedule. Make a follow up call to the destination center(s) before leaving home.


  • If your dialysis center does not have a travel coordinator who can arrange for you to receive dialysis treatment while you're traveling, someone there may at least be able to help you identify dialysis centers in the location(s) you are planning to visit.
  • Start planning as early as you can. Dialysis centers in popular tourist destinations sometimes schedule appointments 3 months in advance for traveling dialysis patients.
  • Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable that you're choosing a dialysis center that can meet your specific needs. Questions you might want to ask include: Can they provide the same treatment you receive at your regular dialysis center? If not, how is their treatment different? What are the hours of operation? What is the typical length of a dialysis treatment? What type(s) of equipment do they use? Will they provide the same medications you receive at your regular dialysis center during treatment? Will you need to be seen by their physician before receiving treatment there?
  • If the dialysis center you want to visit while you're traveling cannot treat you during the time you requested, ask to be put on their waiting list and notified if there are any cancellations. Ask if they can recommend any other dialysis centers in the area.
  • If you are traveling to a popular area or one with limited dialysis treatment facilities, try to be as flexible as possible with your travel dates to increase the chances of getting an appointment.

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