How to Find Customer Service Employment

Looking for a job can frustrate even the most qualified person. When you are trying to find customer service employment, you need to put your best foot forward because there is sure to be some competition. Follow these basic steps to help you find the best customer service job!


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    Tailor your resume to the customer service industry. Before sending your resume off to a company, make sure that it highlights your experience for their customer service industry.
    • If you don't have direct experience as a customer service representative, make note of job duties from previous jobs that can be applied to customer service.
    • Note any special training or education you may have received that relates to customer service.
    • Your resume should only be 1 page long. If you find that it is taking up more than 1 page, eliminate jobs that do not involve customer service.
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    Search online job resources for employment opportunities. Many employers list customer service positions on job board Web sites. Instead of using general, well-known resources that are for any field, you may have better look searching for a job board that specializes in customer service employment. There may be less competition for jobs.
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    Read the employment section of your local newspaper. Jobs are also listed as classifieds in local daily and free newspapers. In many cases, the job descriptions are not as lengthy as they are online, but you can be sure that the job is in your area. Jobs are usually listed alphabetically and there is often a large section for customer service jobs.
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    Let people know that you're looking for employment. One of the best ways to find a job is through a referral from someone that already works for a company. If you put the word out that you are trying to find customer service employment, your friends and family members may pass your resume along if something opens up in their company. Many jobs go unadvertised because they are filled this way.
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    Customize your cover letter for each job that you apply for. It's essential to include a cover letter with each resume that you send. Rather than send your resume off with a generic cover letter, make it personal with details about the specific company. Your cover letter should:
    • Address a specific person if possible. Try to avoid using "Dear Sir or Madam."
    • Highlight your skill set and how it relates to the position you are applying for.
    • Explain how the company can benefit by hiring you.
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    Brush up on your interview skills. Assuming your resume passes muster, you'll get an interview. It's here that you really need to impress. Be prepared to answer questions about how you will handle customers, especially customers that are angry, demanding or rude. It's helpful to think of a few stories from your past that show how you handled a situation.
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    Follow up with the interviewer. Send a thank you note to the interviewer or give them a call after a few days. This helps to demonstrate your interest in the position.


  • Don't insult anyone you meet, or you won't get the job.

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