How to Find Children's Websites That Help Your Child's Learning Growth

Raising your kids fills your life with happiness. But raising kids in a technologically literate world means that you need to be more concerned and attentive about the right way and right things that ensure that your children's upbringing is great and fantastic. Overall, both psychological and physical growth are dependent on good education that properly exercises the mind and brain. Interaction and involvement are two basic things that should be kept in mind for all parents, to help their kids grow into well-rounded adults.


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    Understand the benefits arising out of the age of internet and computer. Computers and the internet can leave some parents feeling tense. Yet, most parents also have an understanding that there are many advantages for children in knowing how to use and interact well on computers. Like any technological invention, the internet and computer can be used for both good and bad purposes, and the way in which parents present these tools to children is important. On the whole, the beneficial side is greater than the downside, but it all depends on your knowledge so that you know how to choose the right website for your kids.
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    Check out possible interactive websites. There are many that have been created for children, fantastically creative, entertaining, and educational. These sites can vary dramatically in style, but children find them all enjoyable and easy to play. Bright graphics, sound effects, and simulations create a sense of escapism and help to set a child's imagination in train, stimulating the type of playful mindset children seek from their entertainment and play. Children can learn a great deal from this engagement. Websites that are available for children come in many varieties and options and many virtual locations and virtual people that resemble reality that a child can relate to and absorb.
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    Look for sites that are fun, provide an informal learning center for children and are safe. Check that there is lot available to explore: fun activities, animated stories, poems, brain games, quizzes, crafts, reading books, coloring pages, educational reference and much more for kids. Such activities will help your child to learn, improve memory skills, hone their own talents, etc.


  • National Geographic provides kids with fun ways to learn about animals, places, and the amazing world around us.
  • The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) has a fun and educational site to teach children about the environment and its impact on living things.
  • The USDA Forest Service provides youth-oriented information and resources related to natural resources and the environment.
  • NASA has a special place for kids of all ages with a large range of fun activities.
  • The Smithsonian has an amazing range of sites covering everything from art to zoo and everything in between, providing something to interest kids and students of all ages.
  • The National Endowment for the Arts offers an array of computer-based art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity.
  • Animal Planet has lots of on-line games to teach children all about animals.
  • The FBI Kids Page is designed to help kids learn about the FBI through age appropriate games, tips, stories, activities, introductions to police dogs, and how special agents investigate their cases.
  • PBS Kids has writing contests and learning games for kids to play with characters like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Super Why, The Cat in the Hat, and lots more.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) focuses on the oceans and skies: undersea volcanoes, deep sea corals, shipwrecks, hydrothermal vents and more. Lots of activities show how scientists explore the ocean depths with ships, submarines, and robots.
  • has fun games based on its television shows, quizzes, puzzles, arcades, and adventures.
  • Discovery Kids from the Discovery Channel explores topics such as science, animals, Earth, space, and has a kids chat room.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lots of fun and interesting things to do to learn about the environment.
  • The US Geological Survey (USGS) has games, puzzles, stories, and projects that help kids learn about nature and conservation while having fun.
  • Smokey the Bear has all sorts of fun and interesting things about wildfire prevention.
  • The Defenders of Wildlife organization allows children to play games and travel through the web of life while learning about wildlife and habitat.
  • The television program How Stuff Works, has a lot videos of educational stuff to do that will blow your kid's mind.
  • The Farm Service Agency has a site where kids can find games, puzzles, quizzes, cooking tips, fun food facts and articles to help better their understanding of farming and agriculture.
  • The Music Teachers National Association has compiled a large list of websites to teach kids about music.
  • The US Energy Information Administration has fun activities and games to teach kids about energy; what it is and where it comes from.
  • {please add more safe, fun and educational sites for kids}.

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