How to Find Cheap Flights to Kenya

Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in the world, and is popular for it’s beach resorts too. Reduce the costs of flying to Kenya seriously with the following steps.


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    Search for chartered flights. Many companies offer holiday packages including accommodation and/or tours to Kenya, and sometimes the entire package is cheaper than a separate flight. You aren’t obliged to stay in their accommodation, of course. Some of these fly to Mombasa (Moi Int’l Airport) instead of Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta Int’l Airport). If your destination is Nairobi, you can change planes in Mombasa. Cheap but not extremely comfortable are the night train or the bus between Mombasa and Nairobi.
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    Book separate flights. From the USA and Canada, you’ll have to change planes in Europe to get to Kenya. It’s often cheaper to book a separate ticket to Europe and from there a ticket to Kenya. The same goes for flights from Australia and New Zealand: you’ll have to change planes in the Gulf region or the southern part of Africa.
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    Check out Flying Blue. Both Kenya Airways and KLM offer daily flights from many international destinations to Kenya, and are part in the Flying Blue network with Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Air France, KLM, Delta Airlines, Korean Air and Aeroméxico. Flying with any of them earns you Flying Blue points that you can use for extra tickets, free upgrades, etc.
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    Time your trip. December-January and July-August are tourist high seasons in Kenya. Prices outside these months are lower. The general rule that flying on strange days and times is cheaper, is also valid here. If you don’t include a weekend in your itinerary, air lines assume you’re a business traveller, and bill you accordingly.
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    Book a round-the-world ticket. If you plan to include Kenya in a longer journey, then research a round-the-world-ticket. You’ll pay one price for a string of flights then. Various airline alliances offer them, most importantly the Star Alliance, all with different rules and limitations. Some are based on mileage, others on a number of flights, usually within a fixed time period.


  • Begin your research early. Six months in advance isn’t too soon. Prices go up as the date of departure gets nearer, although days and hours before departure they may drop heavily again as a seat is worthless after the plane is airborne.


  • Don’t book before doing extensive research. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars this way.
  • Travelling outside the tourist seasons often means travelling in the rainy seasons. Some national parks are closed, or only accessible with a 4WD then.

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  • A computer with internet access is mandatory. Some guide books (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide) have a good section on getting the best ticket deals as well.

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