How to Find Cheap Baby and Kids Clothes

Any parent would know that their kids grow out of their clothes faster than they think, especially babies. If you purchase a piece of clothing, you'll never see them wear it next year - unless the size is too big or if they can still fit into it. Make the most out of your wallet and idea creations by using some of these techniques.


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    Accept "hand-me-downs". Whether it's a friend, family member, neighbor, or someone you know from work, hand-me-downs are always nice to have. Getting neutral baby clothes are great, since then you don't have to dress up a girl in blue or a boy in pink.
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    Search Craigslist. This method is recommended since the clothes usually come into groups or sets and will come with images. Craigslist is also nice because you can also look for toys and other baby or child needs.
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    Target garage sales. As little as $5 for a clothes set, there's always a bin dedicated for kid's clothes at a family garage sale. They might only have clothes pertaining to the gender of their child or children (girl or boy) and have selective sizes.
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    Treasure baby shower gifts. Baby showers helps a lot in the first few months of taking care of your little one. Reuse blankets as your child grows up. Store washcloths in a drawer to use as rags.
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    Shop at discount stores. Walmart, K-Mart, and Target are examples of stores that are perfect to get kids clothes. Get 2 or 3 packs of their favorite character underwear for the same price as 1 pack at regular department stores.


  • If you have any childhood items yourself, it will be more memorable for you and your child if you use those as "hand-me-downs", such as your favorite blanket.
  • If you go online shopping, be aware of any "extra" costs such as shipping & handling. Always compare sites, especially for any formal or "ceremonial" outfits before approving a payment.
  • The Dollar Tree chain of dollar stores has a surprisingly good selection of baby clothes. They sell onesies, shirts, bottoms, socks, hats and many other non-clothing baby items, all for only one dollar each.

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