How to Find Bargain Home Appliances

Everyone wants a bargain on home appliances. Major appliances are very expensive and not something you buy every day so taking some time to get a great deal can really pay off. Savvy shoppers know there are several sure-fire ways to get the best deals.


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    Find the right time to buy. If you plan on shopping at traditional retailers for your appliances, you will see that major appliances are on sale every week. But if you can wait for a traditionally large sale event such as Memorial Day, or July 4th, or Labor Day, or Black Friday, you can get a bigger discount. Retailers are either giving a larger discount or discounting a higher quality item than they usually would in order to attract more attention on these competitive dates.
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    Try scratch and dent stores and appliance outlets. Most major metropolitan areas have an appliance outlet center that carries new appliances that are damaged cosmetically. Some carry new items that were returned by a purchaser or new items that the retailer used in the store as a display model.
    • These can't be sold as new in the retail store. Appliance outlets and scratch and dent appliance stores usually buy new appliances by the truckload at a set cost so there isn't the same wholesale price/retail price concept. They are more motivated to move inventory.
    • Often these appliances will sell for half the price of retail stores. While much of the inventory could be steeply discounted, some could be in perfect shape and still offered at a lower price than you will find anywhere else.
    • Make sure you inspect the item before buying and understand the warranty.
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    Buy clearance and open box items. Many retailers have a small section of clearance items with discontinued models. Some even have a selection of floor models and returned items - referred to as Open Box items. These are usually well discounted and you can often find a higher quality item for a comparable price to one of the door-buster sale items.
    • The trick here is to continue to check with the retailers. This inventory changes every day and is different from one location to another. If you see something one day it could be gone the next and there will not be another one. Also, retailers don't like to provide a lot of inventory in these areas.
    • They would rather ship it off to an outlet or scratch and dent store. Retailers pay a lot of money in advertising to get customers into their store so they want to sell the inventory with the higher return. When customers see the deals in the clearance and open box sections they often do not shop the items the retailer is trying to sell.
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    Shop used. Many people replace their appliances just because they want to upgrade their kitchen with something that looks better and not because the appliances don't work. People also buy appliances in sets. So if the refrigerator goes out they see it as an opportunity to get a nice set of stainless steel appliances or they don't want a mis-matched set of appliances.
    • In many cases, someone has a refrigerator go bad so they buy a new kitchen set and have a good used stove, microwave, and dishwasher to sell. These can be great bargains because the seller is often happy to get anything for the appliances and get them out of their garage.
    • Beware: If you buy from an individual, there is no guarantee about how long the appliances will work.
    • Another way to shop used appliances is to find the scratch and dent appliance store or appliance outlet that also carries used appliances.
      • These stores have appliance repair professionals on staff and usually refurbish used appliances before reselling them. Often they will provide a warranty and a return or exchange policy.
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    Shop online. Although refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other major appliances are large items, some online retailers are able to offer good prices and reasonable shipping rates.There are drawbacks to great online bargains: Some online retailers are set up for the challenges of dealing with major appliance sales online.
    • Be sure you understand the delivery method and cost. Some provide delivery to a shipping terminal and you are responsible for retrieving it, others deliver to the end of your driveway and no farther.
    • Do your research locally and make sure the item will fit the space you have for it. Get detailed dimensions for width, height, depth, and dimensions with the doors open and any clearances required for ventilation.
      • Shipping Costs
      • Return Costs
      • Lack of Physical Inspection Prior To Purchase

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