How to Find Awesome Music (for Scene Kids)

If you've just gotten into the whole Scene Kid thing, you may be struggling a little with the music. You might not be able to find any good bands, or you're not sure which genres to listen to and you don't know exactly what Scene kids listen to. Well, if you're confused about the music and need some help, then don't sweat it. Just read this article!


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    Pick a music genre. If you only know one or two genres, you won't have as wide a variety of music to choose from - and you won't know much about music. Do some research, and pick one or two genres that you think you'll probably like. Always remember to experiment; you never know when you might come across something great! These are the typical Scene Kid genres:
    • Alternative Rock and Pop Punk
    • Glam Rock and Metal
    • Skate Punk, Electronic Punk Rock
    • Metalcore, Deathcore, Hair Metal
    • Indie
    • Techno, Dance, Trance, Posicore (Positive Hardcore), Crunkcore, Electronica/Electro,Dubstep, Nightcore
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    Do your research. The more you know about these types of music, the more likely you are to find something really great. You may look at a genre name and think nothing of it, but it might be just the type of music for you. Select a few genres and do some research on them - find out their history, style, popular artists and bands, etc.
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    Ask people. If your friends are into the Scene, ask them to recommend you a couple of bands or singers. Don't be shy or embarrassed - you may discover some really great music. If you know anyone else who might know some music you might like, ask them who their favourite singers or bands are.
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    Browse. When you're hanging around in the mall with some spare time, step into a good music store. Check out the different genre sections and look around; you may find something that you really like or would like to try out. You may want to look at genres that you know you like, or just pick at random. Don't be afraid to experiment and try something new - you won't get anywhere otherwise!
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    Find what you like. If you're really into a certain singer or band, try finding someone who is a little like them; for example: if you really like a certain artist, try listening to someone who's voice or style is a little like theirs. You may find another great artist or band that you haven't discovered before. Try some online music recommendation sites like or they will take what you listen to and try to find similar artists.
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    Get to know your local bands! Find underground bands, so you know them before they get famous, and go to local shows, even if you have no idea who is playing. Go with your scene friends to any other shows. Seeing bands play before they are really famous is a great way to actually get to know and talk with the band members personally - who knows, if you wanted to get into playing guitar or bass, they might be able to give you a few pointers!


  • Always try out new things. If you always stick to the same thing and never branch out, it's going to be almost impossible for you to find anything new.
  • Once you find a band or single you like, try going to Pandora. It will recommend more music to you through a radio playlist that you either give a thumbs up or thumbs down to.
  • Avoid being a poseur. Don't go around calling yourself a Scene Kid, and never try too hard. You will be labeled as a poseur, and that is a very bad thing.
  • Don't limit yourself to certain genres, you can listen to anything you want.
  • If you're looking for new music to listen to, don't just blow off certain genres. You never know how this "weird"-sounding music has influenced what you are listening to now.
  • Also, if you have friends who are all about music, ask them for hints, they might be able to lead you to some of your favorite bands!
  • If you're a little confused about all of these different genres and/or just want to start simple, you may want to start off listening to electronic music, anything hardcore, or even rap. Later on, depending on what genres you like, you can branch out.
  • Find a few bands you like and check out their MySpace profiles. Add all the bands that are on their top friends list, and make sure you listen to their music. Use the MySpace Music service to find cool bands too via their directory.
  • A GREAT thing to use is Get an account, plug in the artists you like, then go to an artist you really like and press "Play (artist here) Radio". This will give you a lot of great unknown bands.


  • This will take time and patience.
  • If you don't listen to the bands, and don't know the names of any of their songs, don't say you know them - other scene kids will know, and you will be labeled as a poseur.

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