How to Find Apparel You've Seen in Magazines Online

Fashion magazines are filled with beautiful pieces of clothing. In addition to the themed layouts in each issue, there are also spotlights on individual items and, of course, tons of designer and store advertisements throughout the magazine.


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    Turn to the back . Every magazine has a section that lists the items and products that were that were featured in throughout and on the cover of that issue. The section can be found towards the end of the magazine and usually has a title such as In This Issue. The items are organized in the order that they appeared in the magazine, by page number and article name, and the information includes:
    • The product designer
    • Where the product can be purchased
    • The price of the product, or if not, contact information to find out the price.
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    Check out the website of the designer or store. If the item that you are looking for is in one of the advertisements throughout the magazine, and therefore not listed in the In This Issue section, you can still go directly to the source. All advertisements have the name of the carrier of the product. If it is a specific store, visit their website and search around until you find the item (if it is still available). If it is a specific designer, then you can also visit there website and find out what the item is specifically. You may not be able to purchase it directly from the designer's website, but there is always information on where the items are available for purchase.
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    Try an online boutique. If it's a top designer item you're looking for chances are they can be found in at least one of these stores:
    • Neiman Marcus
    • Nordstrom's
    • (Always has items straight of the current season's runways, and last season's get shoved onto sale).


  • If you're willing to wait, you can get a designer piece for a significantly lower price at:
  • You can also find nice quality garments inspired by some popular designer pieces at:

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