How to Find an Inexpensive Wedding Location

Weddings have, over time, turned from simple yet joyous small group occasions into lavish and stately affairs requiring the expenditure of vast sums of money. If you're less interested in starting married life off with a large bill (or lumping one on your parents), consider looking for an inexpensive location to hold the wedding, and keep the costs down while still enjoying a beautiful occasions with memories for life of the wedding, not its financial aftermath.


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    Accept that the real part of the marriage follows the wedding. A lavish wedding isn't going to make the marriage heaven––that's a job for the two of you, for a lifetime together. Talk to your spouse-to-be about reducing the costs of the wedding and choosing a location that is less costly and that meets both of your expectations as somewhere "special".
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    Begin hunting around for a suitable location for your wedding. Include such considerations as the season, the weather, distance and accessibility when choosing a suitable place. Some suggestions for budget places are discussed in the next few steps.
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    Consider the great outdoors. An outdoor wedding and reception can be a perfect way to celebrate the day. For example:
    • Meadows, fields, paddocks or parks. Perhaps a field of wildflowers at the right time of year or the rose garden in your local Botanical Gardens. If you both love animals having fields of horses, cows or deer behind your wedding scene might be just the ticket.
    • The beach. With the vast ocean beyond and beautiful sands underneath, the setting is rich, splendid and filled with the promise of the horizon beyond.
    • A lake with a boathouse for the reception. Hold the ceremony by the lake with the swans and ducks, then eat in the boathouse and get some exercise on the boats in the lake afterwards.
    • In a forest or woods. If you love the great outdoors, trees, hiking, etc., this can be a fun place for a wedding. Do consider the hike in for guests' sake though.
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    Consider your local community. There are lots of places where community venues might prove ideal for a wedding site. For example:
    • A church hall after the church wedding. Many church halls are under-utilized and it's not far to walk after the wedding ceremony.
    • A library. If you or spouse love books, writing, researching or reading, what a wonderful location!
    • A community garden. If you both love gardening, this could be a lovely place to say your vows, amid the veggie patches.
    • A community hall. These are often multi-use and a wedding is another use!
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    Try some other cool ideas. There are lots of other budget possibilities too, such as:
    • Theme park: Take everyone along for not just the wedding but some rides as well; attend the sideshow and see what you can win.
    • A museum: Visit the museum after the wedding to enjoy the exhibits and then have the reception in its cafe or a private room.
    • A rooftop: If a friend has a rooftop garden, this can be a wonderful place to get married and have an amazing view of your town or city.
    • A senior's bowls club: If the elderly are playing bowls at the same time, so much the merrier.
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    Create the ambiance to help make your location seem more special. Here are some ideas for making it feel unique:
    • Use lighting such as lanterns, glow jars and fairy lights to add a special touch to trees, gates, fences, pathways, etc.
    • Using decorations such as bows, ribbons, streamers, chintz, and so forth. These can be hung, draped, tied up, lined over things, etc. in order to create a wedding ambiance.
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    Make invitations to the wedding that make the most of your chosen location. For example, if you chose a paddy field as the backdrop for your wedding, include the following in the invitation:
    • A big picture with a tribal wedding ceremony near the cultivated paddy fields
    • A quirky phrase, such as "right from fields to the table with a pinch of love".


  • Don't be afraid to consider a destination wedding. It can be quite affordable after factoring in the fact that you also get the honeymoon and if you have only a few guests who are willing to pay for their own flights, you won't have to spend too much. Just be sure that those guests invited are happy to go to the location before deciding on it.


  • In all cases, be sure it is permitted to be married where you're marrying. If not, you can be cited or even arrested, depending on where you are.

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