How to Find an Engagement Ring

True love runs deep and does not come cheap. If you have decided to spend your life with the person you love, you need to get a good engagement ring which is often the most important piece of jewelry a man buys in his lifetime. Rings are of different kinds, shapes, colors and designs. A superb ring is not something you simply pick out randomly. Instead, it takes a lot of effort to get the perfect piece. Here are some tips to help you to choose the perfect engagement ring.


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    Set a budget. An engagement ring with diamond may cost one or two months of a man's salary. For someone on a tight budget, the prospect of choosing a ring she loves at a price you can afford can be more than a little daunting. Remember that the ring should be a representation of feelings, not the thing that runs you into debt. A good rule of thumb is the two-month rule. That is, your salary over a two, or even three-month period, is an appropriate amount to spend.
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    Decide on what kind of ring to buy.
    • Diamond ring. In case you are searching for a perfect piece of jewelry that will create a sparkle in the eyes of your loved one, there is nothing that can compare to an awesome customized diamond ring. The custom diamond ring boutiques are always willing to work within your budget to create you extraordinary jewelry which will speak the moment. Keep in mind the four "C"s: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Carat refers to the weight, but remember that bigger is not always better. It all depends on the other diamond characteristics. With regard to clarity, the important thing is that less flaws mean a more expensive the stone. Color diminishes the sparkle, so the most expensive stones have no color. Cut may be the most difficult “C” to understand. A good cut enhances the amount of light the stone puts out, that is, it optimizes the light that enters the stone, refracts internally and is emitted. Together, lack of color and the appropriate cut give that brilliant quality that people love in a diamond.
    • Chanel ring. If there is a brand that represents fashion at its best, it is Chanel. They are at the top of the list when it comes to classy rings. A Chanel ring boutique will offer up that dream of a lifetime. Although Chanel rings and jewelry have been around for years, they are still as classy as when Coco brought the brand to America. They do not come cheap and that is why any lady will appreciate a Chanel engagement ring. They often have unique and quality features - high tech ceramic melded with steel and gold. The best place to find these without much hassle is in the online boutiques.
    • Crotchet ring. Crotchet rings are another type of personalized ring that would be perfect for your engagement. They are cost-effective yet classy. You can have pearls or beads added to your ring to make it even more fabulous. Surprise your cherished one with a Crochet ring which has a combination of beads and charms.
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    Shop around. Before you make a decision, look in a variety of shops, both online and in person. Chain retailers may offer specialty cuts and may help you through the process, but online retailers often offer lower prices.
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    Know when to shop. Monitor local jewelers and see when they run their sales. Keep watch year round, but pay special attention during late November, December, January, and early February. Many jewelers run sales during the Christmas season. Many also run sales throughout January and early February targeting Valentine's Day. Aim for a discount of 15% to 50% and spend the savings on your honeymoon or getting set up in your new house.
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    Choose the design she likes. When it comes to the design, you need to consider the diamond shape, the band metal and the setting.
    • Round and princess cuts are among the most common and most inexpensive shapes. And yellow gold is better than white gold because white gold engagement rings will need to be dipped in rhodium each 2 or 3 years to restore luster. Platinum is the most expensive option. Setting refers to how the diamond is attached to the band. The most common and least expensive setting is prong, but look at other different options before deciding. Many others may also fall within your price range.
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    Know her size. Last but not least, her finger size is a very important factor when choosing an engagement ring. There are several ways you can get her size. Some common tricks are to take a ring she wears and press it into a bar of soap or trace the outline onto a piece of paper. Or push it down as far as you can on your little finger and remember the spot where it stops. Any jeweler can then determine her proper size. Or just ask her if she knows the plan.


  • If you have ever seen an engagement ring and wished it was on your lady's finger, it's time to have your wish come true.
  • You may not afford to spend millions on a ring like those worn by celebrities but there are very similar rings selling on the online stores at a lower price.
  • Spend much less by getting a fabulous inspired customized ring from online stores.
  • Ask the jeweler about the warranty policy. A jeweler that offers a lifetime warranty inspires confidence about the quality of merchandise.
  • Pay attention to antique stores. Many men aren’t aware of the fact such stores usually offer a variety of jewelry (valuable and estate pieces). Antique diamonds are usually hand-cut, so there are no other rings that look alike.
  • Compare ring prices online, whether you purchase the final ring online or in a store. This will allow you to find the best bargain in the least amount of time. Some popular shops might have offices in your town (or nearby) and be selling online as well. The prices can be different, so check it out.
  • Consider buying loose stones from retail wholesalers. Some wholesale purchasers sell loose diamonds to customers at near wholesale prices. This cuts out the extra retail cost, providing you with a cheaper stone.

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