How to Find Adventure (Girls)

If you're a daring sort of girl, adventure will likely feature large in your list of fun things to do. Finding adventure is about keeping an open mind, being willing to explore and having courage. Read on from step one below for how to find adventure, as a female aged 6 - 16.


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    Start with supplies. Swiss army knife, rope, first aid kit, twine, etc. This will get you out of any pinch. Don't want to swim through the pond blocking your way? Tie some rope tightly around a branch and swing! Make sure the branch is strong enough to support you, and the rope is tied tightly enough to stay in place.
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    Find it. Take a road you've never taken, climb through a bush, climb a tree, etc. Anything to find a new place to explore. Make sure you have adventure to spice up your life.
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    Bring a friend sometimes. Adventure is twice the fun, for girls, when it's shared with someone who has the same passion for adventure as you.
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    Journal what you discover. Take a camera and a journal with you. Take photos and videos, and keep written logs of what you discover out there adventuring.
    • Practice mindfulness and notice every detail.
    • Climb a tree and notice everything on the way up, the smell of the bark, the insects around you, the effort your putting into climbing. How you feel on the way up, how your body feels as you walk, the endorphins released in the brain from exercising your body. Take in the view at the top, appreciate the work you put in to get there. Write the journey and everything you noticed at the top.
    • Explore different non traditional angles to take photos of the details you find interesting.
    • Start a Tumblr Blog. Record your photos and notes in one place, look back and analyze where you went and how you felt at each time.
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    Be a sensible girl adventurer. Always let people know where you are or where you're headed. If you ever get into a situation where you are lost, those you've informed can send for help. Say you swam across a lake and are stuck on an area and can't get back for the night; then call someone who knows you are away and tell them what happened. Tell them that tonight you can't come home, but you'll be fine. Going adventuring means being responsible and not causing others to worry. Be prepared for anything and you'll be cool.
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    Make it a goal to be adventurous at least once a week. Whether it's your own back yard or the Himalayas, keep discovering, learning and being curious.


  • Be alone sometimes so you can be independent.
  • Tell yourself this is time well spent and it is great for yourself. Mind is more powerful than matter!
  • Take your dog with you or a couple of friends. Adventuring alone is not always fun.


  • Be as careful as possible and always be safe.

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