How to Find Administrative Assistants

An administrative assistant provides the clerical and administrative support that is necessary to the success of any office or executive. Finding an administrative assistant with the right knowledge, skills and talents can be a challenge. Large companies often use their human resources department to keep a well-qualified staff of administrative support within the organization, but smaller businesses often need to be creative when hiring administrative assistants. Find administrative assistants by placing ads, or recruiting them personally and online.


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    Decide how much administrative support you need.
    • Make sure you have a job description for your administrative assistant, or at least a list of duties. Decide if 1 assistant will be enough, or if the work load requires more than 1.
    • Determine if you need to hire an administrative assistant permanently, or on a temporary basis to complete specific projects.
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    Place an ad online. There are several websites such as Craigslist, CareerBuilder and Monster where you can place ads for administrative assistants.
    • Place an ad for free on Craigslist if you have a tight budget. Craigslist has a website for most cities and regions, and on their help wanted board there is a category specifically for administrative and clerical jobs.
    • Describe the job duties, work schedule and type of company in the ad. Indicate how people should apply, and include an email address, fax number or street address.
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    Use a placement agency. There are many national and local agencies such as Office Team, Manpower and Kelly that specialize in providing administrative help, either on a temporary or permanent basis.
    • Explain to the agency what you are looking for and how much you can pay. Most agencies will screen their candidates, test them on computer skills and check references.
    • Interview the administrative assistants that the agency recommends. You will do a better job of determining who will be a good fit.
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    Recruit from schools. Local business colleges have career placement centers that can work with you to find administrative help. Many of their students and recent graduates are looking for jobs, and might be a good match for your open administrative position.
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    Promote within your own company. There may be an office clerk, typist or receptionist who is ready to advance his or her administrative career. See if you have anyone on staff who would be interested in becoming an administrative assistant.
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    Use social networking sites. Online communities such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be useful in finding administrative assistants. Post your job listing, or send a tweet about the position.


  • Let people within your company help you. Give the responsibility of hiring administrative assistants to your human resources department. Even if you do not have a human resources department, there may be someone who works with you who is skilled at placing ads or screening resumes and applications.
  • Ask for referrals from colleagues you respect. The professionals inside your company or professional networking circle may be able to recommend a top-notch administrative assistant looking for work.

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