How to Find a Traveling Partner

One of the best and most rewarding things you can do for yourself as a lifetime traveler, is to build a "travel partner network". A travel partner network is nothing more than a network of traveling friends around the world that you have met during your own travels, during their travels, through mutual friends or from anywhere for that matter!


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    Choose a trustworthy person to be your travelling partner. Do you trust them? Would you leave your wallet out around them and feel fine that it would be there in the morning? Do they do what they say they are going to, or will they brush you off if they find something better to do? You really don't want to get stuck some place waiting for your travel partner who may never show, especially if you're in an unfamiliar land.
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    Consider whether you have the same interests. You ideally want to find a partner that travels in the same way that you do, and one you will get along with. Have a talk about when you would like to go and things that you would like to see. Draw up a sight-seeing list and see if they agree on the places to go.
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    Plan the budget. You also want to find out what their budget depth and availability is for the trip ahead of time. You may have grand plans of hitting all the museums as well as eating out at all the local spots, but if your travel partner can't afford to, your plans will need to be altered. Better to know this ahead of time, so you can plan a mutually agreed upon budget. Of course there is nothing wrong with just hopping on a bus when you are there and seeing what you want to see without your travel partner, but make sure you tell them first!
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    Do an honest appraisal of their attitude. There is nothing worse than traveling around with a wet blanket. Unfortunately you just can't ask a person if they have a good attitude, as most everyone will tell you that they do! This is one element that you will just have to get to know your travel partner to find out what type of attitude they really have.
    • You can tell a lot about a person's attitude by the words they use and how they describe a situation. Ask them about the worst trip they've ever been on and pay attention to how they describe it to you. Are they laughing about it now, or still upset? Does their worst-trip sound like an adventure to you? If so, you may be a mismatch. Having a good attitude is critical for having a good time.
    • A quick and easy way to tell if you are on the same page is to look around at different vacation rentals (holiday homes) together. See if you place a similar value on amenities different vacation rentals offer. This is such a quick way to gain insight into how that person really likes to travel. For some people "roughing it" means no dishwasher; and for others it means sleeping out in the middle of the forest in nothing more than a sleeping bag!


  • Always keep in contact with your travelling partner when travelling. Don't simply wander off without informing them, and don't let them do it to you either.
  • Get to know your travelling partner before you leave. Make sure that you get along. If you are new to the idea of travelling partners it may be a good idea to use a friend or family member.


  • Be aware of your personal safety. Never choose someone you don't completely trust to be your travelling partner.

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