How to Find a Theme to Write About And Avoid Duplication

There are already many articles on wikiHow and the risk of deletion of duplication in some areas is always a possibility. This article provides some information on how you might find a unique theme to write about and continue to develop this theme as something that demonstrates your area of expertise.


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    Find something you care about and have a minimum basic knowledge of. You can build from this point to create a whole theme on which you will write, so it is a good idea to plan out the different aspects of the theme. For example:
    • Choose the theme of water. Perhaps you are a plumber, a gardener, a retailer, a laundrette owner, a pre-school teacher, etc. And in your work or experience you have had much to do with the theme of water.
    • Plan out the sorts of things you want to write about water. For example, if you are a gardener, you might decide to write about:
      • Water gardens
      • Pipes in gardens - how to fit them, use them
      • Watering systems for gardens
      • Saving water in gardens
      • Using a gray water system in a garden
      • Using water to make features
      • Sprinkler settings for optimal water absorption and conservation
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    Be creative. So your topic is already taken? Think again. There may well be angles not yet explored in detail that are worth providing a complete article on. For example, say there is already an article on How to Bake a Cake. Yet you have a special Poppy seed and Orange Peel Cake. You can go ahead and add yours because it is unique, specialized and different from the first article. Another example might be How to Play Tennis Left-handed. Perhaps you are a left-handed tennis player who has played for many years, yet you can see that this article doesn't deal with specific shots, specific tricks or issues unique to a left-handed player that all deserve specific, specialized treatment in separate articles focused on particular details. In other words, you are looking to narrow down some specifics and treat these as a distinct topic in the field in which you are writing, to provide more information than the wider, generic article could possibly provide. And back to how this step stated - be creative.
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    Continue with your theme approach. Every time you add an article to wikiHow, or edit a category topic, keep your theme in mind. Ask yourself how you can build on this theme and make it more complete, more knowledgeable, more up-to-date etc. In fact, aim for what wikiHow is aiming to be - the most complete authority on each how-to topic there is; your theme area can help wikiHow reach this goal in one small but important way through the addition of your knowledge and tending of the theme.


  • Look at things around you; your hobbies, job, school, hospital etc.


  • You could get addicted, remember your life before starting writing articles.

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