How to Find a Surveyor in France

Are you trying to find an English/French speaking Building Surveyor in France?

Finding one is easy and is literally two or three mouse clicks away.


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    In France there are no accredited university courses for the study of building pathology and building defect analysis. However if you type into any search engine building surveyor France. There are a number of bi-lingual, specialists (who qualified in the UK as Chartered Building Surveyors) resident and practicing in France.
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    Choose one that looks appropriate. However, beware; sponsored links by the likes of Ads by Google may put professionals such as chartered valuation surveyors or Engineers at the top of the list, despite the fact that they have not been accredited in building surveying and sometimes are not even a bona fide French registered business.
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    Be sure to verify the building surveyor is qualified by asking for a copy of their certificates and ask for references.
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    Make sure you get their SIREN number and then check they are actually registered in France; do not take their word for it. Here is the Government website where you can just put in the SIREN number and check to see if they are genuine businesses:-
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    The infogreffe site will also enable you to see what their business activity is. The Code APE or NAF Code for chartered building surveyors is:- 7112B Ingénierie, études techniques but beware because qualifications are not checked when the Code APE/NAF are allocated.


  • Despite what you may be told, your French property purchase can be 'subject to survey' (with a 'clause suspensive' inserted in to the Compromise de Vente). Many agents and notaires try to say this can not be done. It can be (so long as the vendor agrees).
  • Don't confuse Architect, Engineer, Valuation Surveyor etc. with a person who qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor. They are not the same thing.
  • Beware; Surveyors saying that they are Experts Immobilier or Diagnostiqueurs Immobiliers do not have to have any training in building pathology and building defect analysis.
  • Check that the surveyor is bi-lingual English/French.


  • A lot of estate agents in France will say that "we don't do surveys here in France". Some will say there are no specifically qualified surveyors and/or they will suggest to you that a local builder or architect have a look at the premises for you.
  • Then there are the semi-retired chartered surveyors, construction/property industry workers, engineers, carpenters, jobbing builders and even farmers all offering 'surveying services' in France so beware of comments such as "35 years of experience" because it may not be in building surveying and most probably won't be in France!
  • These individuals may, of course, be knowledgeable about buildings and their problems. However, the chances are that nearly all of them will have limited or no formal/accredited building surveying training and they will not have been assessed on their building surveying knowledge by a professional body specializing in building pathology and defect analysis.
  • In addition, there is the problem that any person may call themselves a 'Surveyor' or 'Building Surveyor' and may offer a 'Surveying Service'. Many exploit this free use of the word surveyor and mislead the public - and it is often at the expense of those purchasing a French property. This is the why you should ask to see the surveyor's certificates.

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