How to Find a Romantic Movie Video

You've got the girl and the date, but want to really do a good job to show her that you aren't just trying to get into her pants? Here are a few tips to pick the perfect movie to watch with her.


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    Ask her what her favorite movie is. If you ask a girl that, you can generally get an idea of what type of movie she likes and can also determine the genre of movie she likes to watch. not every girl is interested in touchy feely types of movies.
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    When making the decision to watch a movie, spend time with her and watch TV one time, this could determine whether or not she truly wants to cuddle with you, or whether or not she really wants to watch a movie. With that in mind it should be easier to pick the right kind of movie.
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    Check up on her mood before the date. Women are complex and when depending on her mood depends on how close to you she will be during the film.
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    Pick a movie that is considerably close to the type of person the lady you are watching it with is. If she is into a comedy movie. Don't go and rent the Notebook. Because she will lose interest and most likely fall asleep. And if she is a true romantic, don't go and rent What happens in Las Vegas. Mood and personality is really what counts during the date.
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    Preparing for the date. When you put a lot of time and effort into a date, along with dedication, women appreciate it along with the littlest things. It could be making sure its great temperature in the room so she isn't too cold or too warm. Also make sure that everything is perfectly ready when she comes into your house. Make sure that your home isn't a total pigsty either because cleanliness isn't as distracting as a mess.
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    Don't wear anything too fancy or too alarming. When she walks in, compliment her. Even if she looks bad, find a way to say something nice about her. And remember that when you have picked a movie, if she falls asleep in your arms then you did something right. Be confident and also be sure to make her feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. If she says that she enjoyed herself, then don't hesitate to say a corny line afterwards. it may suck but she will love you for the effort.
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    Do not harass her after the date. She liked you bad enough then she will call or text you first. It's never a good idea to try to cling to someone after a good date. Let things cool down and go on with your life as if it never happened. She will notice you again and that's when it all starts to come together.


  • Don't cling to your date immediately, flirt a little bit until she takes the bait. Every time you make her smile isn't a sign to get closer.
  • Don't be shy and make the first move to get closer. If she doesn't take the bait don't hesitate to try again, and if things go bad then it doesn't mean nothing will happen. it just means to try again after a while
  • When picking a movie always take her into consideration. Don't go head strong and think of being the perfect gentleman. Its okay to set pride aside and ask for help every now and again. It doesn't show weakness, just dedication and compassion.


  • Don't let your phone go off during this movie. Put as much attention into her and the movie as you would put into playing a video game. NO INTERRUPTIONS
  • Don't let her make all the moves. It will ultimately put you into the friend zone and you will never get another chance at this again.
  • Lastly, Never stare at her body parts. It's okay to peak one time. It doesn't show you are a creep but it shows that you admire what she is packing. Look at something else and if you can't help it, look with your peripheral vision. Women don't like being stared at like a piece of meat, but they like to be admired every now and again.

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