How to Find a Recruiter Online

Recruiters, also referred to as headhunters or executive search firms, are paid by both large and small companies to find suitable personnel for open positions. Companies hire recruiters because of their hiring expertise and connections. Some companies hire recruitment firms to handle all employee search, screening and interviewing activities. In most cases, recruiters are paid by the hiring company only after the recommended candidate is hired. Well-established recruitment firms have accessible websites, are interviewed by online business magazines, and are profiled in professional networking sites. Here are the steps for finding a recruiter online.


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    Identify your career or job goals. Determine the industry, job type, position level and pay scale of your desired position.
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    Familiarize yourself with the different types of recruiters. Some recruiters are industry-specific and others focus only on filling executive or administrative positions. One type of recruiter may be devoted to finding only temporary personnel. Becoming familiar with the variety of recruiter types will assist you in narrowing your search.
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    Use an Internet recruiter directory. Online recruiter directories allow you to search by staffing agency name, keywords, industry and location. These directories come in both free and fee-based varieties. The subscription-based directories typically feature advanced search capabilities and a greater number of resources, such as recruitment newsletters, guides and articles.
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    Ask professional colleagues to refer a recruitment firm. Enter the name of the recommended firm into a search engine to find the company's website.
    • Look for other sites mentioning the particular search firm. You may see recruiters from the recommended firm interviewed in business magazines or encounter related discussions on professional forums.
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    Search for recruiters on social networking sites. Professional networking sites often have a section devoted to recruiter profiles. Enter "recruiter" or "recruitment firm" into the search field to find the profiles.
    • Post a message to your personal online social network. Ask your social network connections if they recommend a particular search firm for the specific industry and job you are seeking. This is also a good way to let personal contacts know that you are seeking a particular type of position.
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    Read reputable online business magazines. Some business articles, particularly those linked to by job search engines, highlight specific recruiters and interview them about job search topics.
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    Join an online recruiting association. An online search for a recruiting association will take you to websites devoted to linking job seekers with recruiters. Online recruiting associations may be free or fee-based. A quality association will offer links to useful information and resources for job seekers.
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    Engage in professional discussion forums. Join professional discussion forums in your specific industry. Often, online discussion groups offer useful information and potential leads. Another professional who becomes familiar with your career background and needs may refer you to a recruiter who works with his company.
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    Visit company review sites. Reviews written by various individuals about specific recruitment firms give you a window into their recruitment processes and practices. Look for patterns of opinion and limit giving too much weight to a single negative or positive review.

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