How to Find a Private Plane Mechanic

A private plane not only ensures privacy for the individuals riding in it, but can often decrease travel times. As with commercial planes, private planes often require maintenance to ensure safety. Knowing how to find a private plane mechanic will help you stay on schedule and fly safely in your private plant.


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    Contact flight schools.
    • While many flight school programs are designed to teach students how to fly private or commercial planes, others aim to teach participants how to repair these pieces of machinery. Flight schools often know of or have contact with potential mechanics because students are up-to-date on the latest airplane technology.
    • Consult with a mechanical repair instructor at the flight school to find an appropriate mechanic. Instructors should have a feel for the ability of all students, and can provide you with the name and contact information of the individual they feel can do the job most effectively.
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    Get in touch with local unions.
    • To be a member of a union, plane mechanics must have a specific number of hours under their belts. In addition, being able to pass certain written and functional tests is also required. These stringent regulations limit the number of individuals who can belong to aerospace unions, and ensures that members are well-skilled in their trade.
    • Examples of unions that contain private plane mechanics include the Transport Workers Union of America, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, and Teamsters.
    • Contact information for these unions can be obtained through local airlines and technical colleges.
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    Talk with fellow private plane owners.
    • Obtaining a reference from a friend for a private plane mechanic is an effective way to ensure the mechanic you hire is knowledgeable and honest.
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    Visit private plane shows.
    • Private plane shows enable you to get in touch with other individuals who own private planes, but also with the mechanics of these private planes. There are often a number of private plane mechanics at these shows, not only to aid in the repair of the planes if the need arises, but also to advertise their services to others seeking assistance.


  • Private plane mechanics can be quite costly to hire. In fact, some estimate that a private plane mechanic can make up to $100,000 per year. While most mechanics won't be hired on a yearly basis, their fees for even one or two weeks of work can add up quickly.
  • The private plane mechanic who you hire should be certified as a fixed base operator. Before mechanics can work on their own, they are required to participate in a certain number of hours under the trained supervision of an experienced mechanic. After these hours have been completed, they will be granted certification as a fixed base operator.

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