How to Find a Parking Spot

Are you tired of driving around in circles? Finding it hard to find a place to park every morning? Some tips and options can help you on your daily quest for the perfect spot.


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    Arrive early. If you have trouble finding parking, particularly at work, just get there earlier in the day, so that more spots are available when you arrive. The same works for a popular concert or a ball game, or even for a community meeting at your local library. Being there when many spots are empty can save you a lot of trouble later.
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    Go around the parking lot, several times if you arrive too late to find many empty spots. To do this, drive slowly (about 20 km/h), look around at every corner of the parking, even if you must walk after! To find a place, you mustn't be lazy or in a hurry.
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    Follow people who might be leaving a spot. Initially, stand in front of the exit of the building to identify people who may be going to their car. Then, don't be ashamed; follow the people if possible! If you can, ask the person if they are leaving with their car; you'll save time. You can be pretty sure you're going to find a spot when you see the person with car keys in their hands. Keep your eyes open!
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    Wait in a strategic location. If the first two options fail, there is another solution. Stop in the middle of a row of parking spots that is regularly changing, and you'll be the first if a spot becomes available.
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    Parking in the grass. If these three legal solutions are not successful, there are two barely legal solutions With others in the same situation as you, park your car park on the grass, but be careful not to block other cars, emergency exits or vehicles passageways.
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    Parking on the white lines and side-walks, if you dare. Create your own parking spot. Be creative, but don't block others, and beware that you might get ticketed for parking this way.
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    Don't forget: under no circumstances should you park in a handicapped spot, unless you yourself have an official placard designating that you have the rights to park in one! Most states give people two options, including an insignia on their plate or a placard that hangs from the rear-view mirror.


  • Know where all the parking garages and parking lots are located. Especially if you are going to a place new to you, it pays to think ahead. Research ahead of time by checking the website of the venue you will be visiting.
  • Have change available in your car in case you need to feed a parking meter.
  • Avoid all parking problems by walking, or riding a bike.

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