How to Find a Minivan Mechanic

When you depend on your minivan to get you everywhere you need to be, you need a quality mechanic in order to keep your vehicle up and running and well maintained. Finding a good mechanic can be challenging. But, by asking a few questions, getting detailed repair quotes and asking for references, you have a much better chance of locating a quality mechanic who can complete the repair and maintenance work your minivan will need.


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    Determine if your minivan is currently under warranty. Depending on the age of your van, it may still be under the original manufacturer's warranty. Another possibility is that your van is covered by an extended warranty. All information about warranties should be with the other documents relating to your vehicle purchase. Warranty information should include details about length of warranty and types of repairs covered.
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    If so, locate a mechanic for warranty work. If your van is still covered by a warranty and the repairs are included, call the customer service number provided with your warranty information. Ask the customer service representative for a list of mechanics in your area.
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    Ask your friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations for a good mechanic. References from trusted sources will help you find someone you can put your faith into as a mechanic. Additionally, some independent car dealers and body shops have good connections with mechanics. They may be able to recommend a reliable mechanic, too.
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    Visit or call the recommended mechanic and ask him if he does the kind of repairs or maintenance you need done on your minivan. Also, ask him if he has time to work on your van any time soon.
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    Select a specialized mechanic if your van needs brake repairs, alignment adjustments, exhaust work or radiator replacement. These types of mechanics work exclusively with these types of repairs and are experts.
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    Request a detailed estimate before you authorize work to be completed. Most auto shops will not charge for this. If you are not pleased with the estimate or the way the shop plans to repair your problem, visit another shop and request another estimate. Do not hesitate to ask for details. You shouldn't be caught unaware of additional labor costs, part costs or other miscellaneous costs.
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    Ask about the shop's business hours. If they do not coincide with your availability, it may be a wise choice to look for a shop that offers extended hours.
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    Inquire about the shop's guarantee on completed work. Many shops will guarantee their work for at least 30 days. If a shop isn't willing to stand behind its work, move on to another mechanic.
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    Get references or read testimonials for a mechanic or auto shop before you make your final decision. Others' opinions may reveal something you hadn't noticed about your potential mechanic.

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