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Oh no! It's Mother's Day very soon and you forgot to get her a gift? Mother's Day is a very important date to show your mother that you love and appreciate her, so you should make an effort to do something for her, even if you don't have much time left. No ideas? Have no fear: this article is here to help! Just read on for some simple, quick and cost-effective ways to show your appreciation to your mother this Mother's Day.

Gift Ideas

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Finding a Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift

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    Get her a card. This is an essential part of Mother's Day, something she can keep and also an opportunity to leave her a short message of appreciation. Even if you don't have time to find her a present, getting her a card should be a priority. For a really personal touch you can make the card yourself. Look around the house to see what supplies you have, like paper, pens, card, glitter, etc. and then get on with making your card! Remember, this is something that she can keep for a long time. You could also make a card on the computer with a publishing program like Microsoft Publisher, which will look really professional. E-Cards are also an option if you want to surprise her. With any of these cards you could include a picture of her, or of both of you together for a really nice touch. Once you have your card, write a short message inside it telling her that you love and appreciate her and wishing her a happy Mother's Day.
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    Make your mother a gift yourself! This is the most personal and creative type of gift you can give your mother, as well as being a good alternative if you're strapped for cash. There are lots of different things you can make your mother, depending on what kind of things she is interested in.
    • Making her some custom jewellery can be an awesome gift! So things like beaded ribbon or chain bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings.
    • If you're feeling creative, why not try writing her a poem or painting her a picture?
    • Make her something that she can use to pamper herself. For example, makeup like lipgloss, a bath bomb in her favourite colour, a homemade perfume, a body scrub in a fragrance she likes, etc.
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    Get her a voucher or a gift card. This will allow her to choose a gift for herself and show you have thought about Mother's Day. Many sites now have opportunities to buy vouchers online quite quickly, with just a credit/debit card, PayPal account, etc. Think about sites your mother uses or buys things from often and see if they do online vouchers. Does she like to shop? Try buying her a voucher for her favourite clothes shop. Is she into music? Get her an iTunes gift card or a Spotify membership. Or get something really unique and creative, like a Zidisha person-to-person micro-lending gift card. If you don't know you can always buy her vouchers for a site that sells a wide variety of things like Amazon.
    • You could always give it a more personal touch by making it a voucher for something you could do together, for example, giving her a DVD voucher and telling her to choose a film for both of you to watch together.
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    Make some Mother's Day coupons. These are like vouchers, but are for things that you can do yourself, which will make it much more personal. Get a piece of paper and write down something you promise to do for her, or make a more professional looking coupon on the computer if you can. If you're feeling brave you could always give her a blank voucher and tell your mother to write what she would like from you on it! Some good ideas for coupons could include:
    • Doing the grocery shopping
    • Giving her a massage or a manicure
    • Cleaning your room (it could be just for that day, or on a weekly basis for a set amount of time)
    • Doing some gardening or weeding
    • Taking out the rubbish
    • Babysitting your younger siblings so that your mother can go out for the night.
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    Shop at your local supermarket. It may not sound very glamorous, but there will be some things there that you can give your mother for Mother's Day. Do they sell flowers? Ask one of the employees if you're not sure.They may sell chocolate, and if that's the kind of thing your mother likes, buy some! If they have anything fancier than plain bars then all the better. Make sure to take off any price labels from anything you buy though.
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    Go out and pick some flowers. This puts a fresh touch on the traditional gift of a bunch of flowers, and is also quick, easy and doesn't cost anything at all! Go out and look for flowers close to where you live - try not to pick flowers that your mother planted in your garden if you can help it! Go for some pretty and colourful flowers that are not home to a whole host of bugs. Once you've found some, pick them close to the roots and put them in water as soon as possible. You can then bring them back to your house and put them in a pretty pot or vase.
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    Make her breakfast in bed. This time-honoured tradition is a lovely gesture and will really start off your mother's day well. Sneak into her room about the time she normally gets up and insist she stays in bed for a while, for you have made her breakfast! Include any favourite breakfast foods she may have and set the meal out creatively. Don't forget to bring her up something to drink like coffee or juice. Some more traditional breakfast foods include things like oatmeal, muesli, eggs, toast, etc. but don't be afraid to try something a little more exciting and adventurous - breakfast doesn't have to be a chore! Here are some ideas that are brilliant:
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    Take some of her work off her hands. This will really relieve her burden and allow her to relax for the day. Are there some things she normally does around the house, like washing the dishes, cleaning, tidying, etc.? Why not try doing them yourself for the day. It won't take too long and it will really please your mother that you've thought about how much work she has to do. Cleaning your house is an especially good one to do, as when your mother gets out of bed, she won't believe her eyes!
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    Cook her an evening meal. You can announce to your mother in the morning that you will cook her an evening meal... and then you will have the whole day to buy ingredients if you need to and to figure out what on earth you will actually cook for her! If you are young, try to enlist the help of an older sibling or another adult. Choose a main meal, a sweet dessert (and a starter, if you feel up to it) to cook her. If she has a favourite food, that's a good place to start!


  • Don't ever let on that you forgot about Mother's Day... it was merely a surprise of course!
  • Write her a poem and make sure the words come from your heart. It makes it special.
  • Don't worry if you don't get anything, she already know you love her.
  • Make sure to give your mother nice compliments on Mother's Day. However, you should make this a habit to do this every day and actually mean what you say.
  • Gift baskets can easily be put together with things like bubble bath, chocolate, fruit, alcohol, coffee, perfume, etc. and will look very well-thought out.
  • Tell your mum you love her, and give her a kiss and cuddle, and the presents won't matter!
  • Cooking and going to the supermarket may not be an option for younger children, in which case, enlist the help of another adult or older sibling in your house if you can.
  • If you want to order your mother some flowers, try looking for local florists that deliver or online stores that do same-day delivery.
  • Try to make sure you know the date of Mother's Day so you can remember well in advance for next year. Check Wikipedia's list of dates Mother's Day by Country for certainty. In the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 13th, 2012.
  • Tickets for shows or events, booking her a weekend away and magazine subscriptions also make great last minute gifts.
  • Make a donation to a charity in her name, or pledge that you will and ask her to choose the charity.
  • Instead of 'real' flowers, you could get her some that will never wilt, such as kusudama flowers or paper roses.


  • If you intend to make your mother breakfast, make sure you get up early enough so that she doesn't wake up and get breakfast for herself before you do!
  • Try not to misbehave or argue on Mother's Day, it will totally ruin the mood.
  • When picking flowers, do not pick any from private land...definitely not from someone else's garden!

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