How to Find a Job for College Students

The biggest concern of college students is clear: how will they get a job after graduating? The job market isn’t accepting recent graduates with open arms, so how will you ever get the needed experience that will help you land the job of your dreams? These tips will help you become a better candidate for the job market that attracts you.


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    Understand the application requirements. Before you start applying for jobs in the field you’re interested in, you have to understand its requirements. Do you need to complete a portfolio, a cover letter, a resume, or a writing sample? You need to know what these materials should look like and how you can emphasize your experience and skills through their form. Do you know a professional who works in this field? Their advice can really help you understand what a good application takes.
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    Be sure that the application materials have to be flawless! You cannot submit a resume that’s full of grammar and punctuation mistakes. All your application materials have to be perfect and free of errors, so, if possible, it’s best to rely on a professional editing services if you are not confident in your writing skills.
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    Develop connections. When looking for a job, you should activate your network and tell many people that you’re hunting for a job in a particular field. People know people, so you never know what a simple conversation may lead to. If you are directly recommended by a respected professor, you will usually get an advantage over the other candidates for the job.
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    Become a member of a professional organization. There is probably a professional organization associated to the industry you want to work in, and you should definitely join it. Read the provided materials, go to all seminars and attend the meetings – that’s the best way to make valuable connections.
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    Be persistent. Job searching is rarely a sprint; it’s a marathon for most recent graduates. Make sure to stay focused on your goals and keep searching through the ads. Bookmark and check it regularly without losing hope! Moreover, do not lose confidence if your friend gets a job but you don't.
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    When you land an interview, be sure to prepare yourself to look and act professionally. In order to ask intelligent questions and provide all the right answers, you have to learn as much as possible about the employer. Get engaged in the conversation and don’t be rigid or shy.
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    Practice, practice, practice! There are standards questions on all interviews, so try practicing their answers - out loud! You can do a mock interview with a friend or your parents. It may seem awkward at first, but you already know that communication skills are gained through practice.
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    Be ready; they are watching you! Security cameras may capture you right from the moment you enter the company’s parking lot. Get into the part and act gracefully from the start. Stay focused and be polite to everyone you meet there.
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    Don’t forget how important first impressions are. You have to make a great first impression for the interviewer if you want to set the right course for the interview. Stand up straight and look friendly, but not overly enthusiastic. Your handshake is also very important, so make sure you make it firm and authoritative, but don’t crush the interviewer’s hand.
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    Stay optimistic! Even if the interviewer is too serious, you shouldn’t allow their attitude to throw you off your game. Stay positive and confident, and don’t make elaborate explanation if the questions are meant to induce negative answers.


  • The truth is that the market is always “bad” for those looking for a job. I wish I could tell you a magic formula, but the main principles of job hunting remain unchanged: do your best to submit an application the employer cannot neglect, do well in interviews, and never give up!
  • Remember: there is no perfect candidate and you can never satisfy everyone’s expectations, but you always have to try to do your best!

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