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Finding a home is a big undertaking when you are in the market to buy. A home is usually a long term investment, and because of this you need to make sure that the house that you eventually buy is good enough to be a home for you and your family. Therefore, once you are financially ready to purchase a house, consider some essential steps in your endeavor to find a home that is perfect for your needs.


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    Establish your budget so that you can focus only on the homes within your price range. With so many homes on the market you really need to narrow the selection down, and a budget is one of the factors that will determine your choice. Make sure that your budget allows you to live in your home, not just own it. This means that you don't want your home to own you, so don't choose a house that will suck every penny from your paycheck.
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    Decide where you would like to live. Maybe you wish to be near family or your work, or perhaps you would prefer to take the community into consideration. For example, the schools in the area may be a defining factor in your final choice. Whatever your priorities may be, make sure that you have thought about them first before home shopping.
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    Make a list of all the features you wish your home to have. Begin with what you feel is absolutely necessary in the home you choose, such as the number of bedrooms, whether you want an attached garage, or if you need an office space. Then make a list of your wants. These would be your desires, such as a finished basement or a large yard. Determining what you need and want in advance will narrow your search down so that you only visit the homes that include these features.
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    Do your research before contacting a real estate agent. You can do this by going online and viewing the houses on the market. Check with family and friends also and see if they know of homes that are going on the market. Consider asking local banks about foreclosed homes, but understand that these homes might not be in good shape.
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    Find a reliable real estate agent who has your interest at heart when searching for homes. Ask your friends and family for their recommendations. When it comes to a real estate agent, it is wise to go with someone who knows someone. The best agent would be someone who listens to your needs and works to meet them. Realtors should be honest about properties you visit and make sure that you are taken care of.
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    Find a home that grows with you and your family. If you are planning on your house being a long-term home in which your family will grow, then you need to make sure it has enough bedrooms, bathrooms and space to grow along with your family.
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    Look through the d├ęcor when viewing a home. Don't get caught up with the current owner's taste in decorating. You need to look past that and focus on the structure of the home, the layout of the rooms and the home's foundation as a whole. If you are not familiar with what to look at when viewing a home, you may want to bring someone who is.
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    Compare and contrast the houses you see. Bring a note pad and camera with you on your house search. You could even go so far as to create a database listing all the needs and wants you came up with and check off each home accordingly. You could even add a section for bonus features at each home, if any. These would be features that you had not thought of, like appliances that the current owner of a home is planning on leaving behind.

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