How to Find a Good Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are responsible for fitting their clients into suitable auto, health, homeowners, renters and/or life insurance policies. There are many insurance providers, and they are not all the same. Therefore, it is important that the agent you choose be well-versed in policy differences from provider to provider, informed of the latest industry news and trends, concerned with your personal insurance needs and capable of explaining your options in a way you can understand. Follow these steps for how to find a good insurance agent.


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    Ask around. To find a reputable agent in your area, a good place to start is by asking friends, family and acquaintances about their insurance agents. Also, consider the type of insurance you need and ask related professionals; For example, if you need homeowners insurance, you may ask a title company for recommendations or, if you need health insurance, you may want to ask your healthcare provider.
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    Check out the agencies. Once you have composed a list of recommended insurance agents, call their respective agencies or research them online to evaluate the company. If they have poor rankings on business rating directories, if they don't offer products that you need or if they work with providers that you don't like, then you know you can take them off your list of potential agents.
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    Research agents through your government's insurance regulatory agency. Make sure the agents you are considering are licensed to practice in your locality. Additionally, find out what professional designations your prospective agents hold. A good insurance agent should belong to a number of professional boards and should hold professional accreditations.
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    Schedule interviews. After you narrow your potential agent list down to the most promising prospects, call each agent to schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss your insurance needs. Ask plenty of questions, and keep in mind that a good insurance agent should possess the following characteristics:
    • Knowledge. Your chosen agent should have a working knowledge of the variety of products that may be suited to your needs. As well, if an agent doesn't have an immediate or definitive answer, that agent should be willing and able to use appropriate resources to get you an answer.
    • Effective communication. Insurance agents should not use a lot of industry jargon in their product and coverage explanations. You want to choose an agent who explains things on a level you can comfortably understand.
    • Questions. In addition to answering your questions, a good insurance agent should ask you a multitude of questions in order to identify the product offerings that best suit your needs.
    • Experience. Not only should your agent be experienced, but the agency should also have an established and proven history. Additionally, your agent of choice should be experienced and comfortable working with your particular socioeconomic and age sector, as these factors play a large part in determining insurance needs.


  • When looking to expand your current insurance portfolio, first approach the insurance agent who services you other insurance accounts.


  • Beware that aggressive, high-production insurance agents may not be the best for you, as they can sometimes be more concerned with gaining more client commissions than they are with customer service.

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