How to Find a Good Driving Instructor in the UK

Are you about to learn to drive in the United Kingdom? Want to get the best results in as little lessons as possible? Follow these simple steps in how to find a good driving teaching in the United Kingdom.


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    Find out what qualification the instructor holds. A permitted and legal driving instructor will display a coloured badge in their front windscreen that will be either pink or green. A pink badge indicates that the instructor is not fully qualified and is only a trainee, known as a "Potential Driving Instructor" (PDI). A green badge indicates that the instructor is fully qualified, known as an "Approved Driving Instructor" (ADI). For the best results, go with an instructor that has a green badge.
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    Source reviews / testimonials on certain driving instructors. The majority of independent driving instructors will have their own website; from this you can gather information and most possibly testimonials from previous learners who have passed their test commenting on what their instructor was like.
    • Alternatively, speak to any friends that have already passed their driving test and ask them about their driving instructor.
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    Find the best price. Driving lessons don't come cheap, and if they do, then they're more than likely not worth it. Most lessons are paid by the hour and the price is different throughout the United Kingdom.
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    Check the type of car you will be learning in. You want to make sure the car you are learning to drive in is a fairly new car with all components working correctly. Whilst doing your lessons and your test in an older car is not much of problem, the ride given may cause you to fail your test.
    • Make sure the instructor has a dual-control car (this is an extra set of pedals in the passenger foot-well for the instructor to use if necessary).
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    Do not "block-book" lessons straight away. Whilst you may think it's a fast, easy and cheap way to learn to drive, you should not block-book lessons straight away. Before doing so, just book single 1 hour lessons every couple of days or once a week with the instructor to until you are comfortable with the instructor and your driving capability.
    • You need to make sure that the instructor arrives on time and that he gives you the amount of tuition you have paid for. Most of all, you need to make sure you have a good relationship with your instructor.


  • Try not to be too nervous on your first lesson. You may feel like the car is controlling you. This is normal and after a few lessons it will be reversed and you will notice that you are controlling the car.
  • Take a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Keep note of the amount of lessons you take.
  • Read up on the Highway Code before starting your lessons.
  • Adjust your seating position to suit you best and relax.

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