How to Find a Good College

To start with, there is no such thing as a good or bad college. While most people depend their decision on the basis of popularity of a given institution, it is better to consider the fact that a student himself is the primary mover for his own goals in life, particularly in academics. And that the college or university where he belongs doesn't gauge his overall competence.

Which school is good or not? This can't tell, but the criteria you might want to look at is here below:


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    Disregard first the name of the school when looking for prospects. Finding the right college is more likely influenced by the name of the school. And that's where most people go wrong. The name of the school doesn't matter. There are many aspects to look into rather than this. You should not confuse name and reputation as well as name and excellence.
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    Check if your chosen degree is offered on that college or university. You might excite yourself too early that you will be studying at a well-known college only to find out that degree you're planning to take isn't offered there. To avoid frustrations, verify first.
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    Check for any accreditation. Is the college you have chosen accredited or affiliated to any groups or organizations locally and internationally? This aspect, in a way, may gauge the competitiveness of the school. The bottom line: is your chosen college accredited by the government?
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    Consider the convenience of travelling going to that school from your home. Or if you wish to move in at a nearby dormitory in your college, be sure it is safe and pleasant enough for the rest of your stay in college.
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    Look into the financial aspect. Does your parents afford to send you in that college? While finances may hinder your entire college dreams, other options are available. You can apply for scholarships or have yourself employed while studying. In that way, you can assure yourself a brighter future without worries.
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    Know more about the institution's reputation. Your dad or your cousin might have been in the same college where you want to go to. If so, ask about the reputation of school in terms of various aspects. With that, you would be able to secure yourself from worrying if the college life abound you is gruesome. Also, you would be able to know what to expect when you are about to enter college.


  • Don't force yourself to go to a college/university that isn't your choice. More so, it is very important that you prioritize having your chosen degree rather than the college itself. It doesn't matter where will you study. What matters is what will you become after.

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