How to Find a Fuel Efficient Car

Take advantage of the many tools to help you find a fuel efficient car that is right for you. Your environmental consciousness may also help you save money through tax incentives, and it will help you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.


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    Start with United States government recommendations.
    • The government list of the most fuel efficient cars can be found at: This listing not only gives you which vehicle is the most overall fuel efficient, but it also gives you subcategories such as most efficient two-seaters, most fuel efficient compact cars, etc. You can check out the city and highway miles per gallon, and you can also follow each car's link for more information such as energy impact score and carbon footprint.
    • View online or order hard copies of the nation's Fuel Economy Guide at
    • Take advantage of tax credits offered for the fuel efficient cars you might be interested in. You can find various options at:
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    Check out other car recommendation sites that may assist you with your search.
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    Use the Union of Concerned Scientists' Hybrid Center Comparison Chart at to compare stats and features of certain hybrids versus other non-hybrid vehicles and hybrid options.
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    Educate yourself on the distance the fuel efficient car you are looking at will go. Some options have limited refueling options (such as ports for electric cars). You don't want to lose power mid-way through your commute to work, so bearing that in mind should influence your decision on a fuel type or power source.
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    Set a budget before you start settling on a particular car type. You don't want to blow the bank to try to save the environment, so know what you can spend before you start narrowing down your options.
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    Analyze your needs. Ask yourself if you are looking for a car to commute to work? Do you have a large family to haul? Are you looking for a vehicle for a second car to in which to run your errands? Looking at your needs will help you determine the size car you need. The smaller the car you can choose, the lighter it is, and the more fuel efficient it will be.


  • Go one step further by adding low-resistance tires. Choosing tires with a lower rolling resistance will give you a bigger impact on your miles per gallon because low-resistance on your tires means less energy that is required for your car to move. This in turn means less gas will be needed for your car. You might even be able to talk the dealership into making the swap for you.

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