How to Find a Fragrance

All perfumes have three notes - top note that evaporates first, middle note that develops a little later and finally the base which is the true scent. Choose sheer top notes.


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    Focus on your favorite smells and take the help of the salesperson. Don't be hesitant to give a list of your favorites even if they include things like 'wet earth', 'rainforests' and so on. Every clue you give will point the salesperson in the direction of the perfume class you prefer - fruity, floral, woody and so on
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    Don't try more than two scents at a time; you simply won't be able to make a judgment. Spray a spot and don't rub it, you will spoil the composition. Wait for ten minutes allowing the base note to develop and then make the purchase. Sometimes the base note can take hours to develop. It is a good idea to get a sample and make the purchase the next day, especially if you are buying an expensive perfume. Remember that perfume is an investment into your personality.
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    Don't buy a perfume simply because it is the launch of the season. Check it and see if it really appeals you. After all, you have to walk around with it the whole day. You buy perfumes for yourself and not for people. Any perfume that satisfies you will reflect well with your personality.
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    Expect a perfume to last about three years from the date it was bottled. #Never store your perfume bottle where it is exposed to high temperature (near hot baths) or direct sunlight. In fact, colognes and eau de toilette should be stored in the refrigerator to increase their shelf lives.
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    You don't have to wear a perfume like a uniform! Try different brands and class of scents. You can use different smells for different times of the day or year. After all, you do have summer and winter wardrobe!
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    When choosing a perfume you must also remember the climate of the locale. Warm humid conditions will intensify a fragrance, making it cloistering. It is wise to choose lighter scents in such conditions and apply them more often. Keep in mind one thing: heat helps the scents to evaporate sooner and cool weather strengthens scents.
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    A scent is worth the pleasure it gives, not the money it costs. Be judicious.
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    Never buy perfume when you are in transitory phase like pregnancy. The body will be undergoing immense hormonal changes, which affect your sensory perceptions, especially olfactory perceptions.

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