How to Find a Federal Stimulus Job

In an effort to revitalize the economy and give individuals employment opportunities, the federal government implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The purpose of this Act is to invest money in projects such as infrastructure, including the construction of highways and improvement of mass transit, and cleaner, more efficient energy alternatives. With determination and creativity on how to promote your skills and experience, you too can find a federal stimulus job.


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    Read the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Before you can find a federal stimulus job, you need to know and understand the intent of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that is generating employment opportunities. Employment areas that the Act is channeling money include those related to alternative energy, infrastructure improvements, education and healthcare.
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    Track the money. The federal government has a website,, which allows you to query, by state, agencies that have received stimulus money. Knowing which agencies receive money will help narrow your federal stimulus job search and enable you to work smarter and more efficiently.
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    Monitor an agency’s website for bid/contract awards. This information will give you the names of companies receiving federal stimulus funds, the amount of funding and job description. Should you have the skills that a federal stimulus project requires, you can then contact the recipient and inquire about employment opportunities.
    • Contact your local Office of Economic Development or Chamber of Commerce. Your local Office of Economic Development is an excellent resource to inquire about existing and potential federal stimulus jobs, for they often work in partnership with state and federal agencies to bring economic opportunities to an area. They, along with the Chamber of Commerce, can also provide you information on area businesses that are in line to receive federal funding and will in turn be increasing their workforce.
    • Attend federal stimulus job fairs. Job fairs are a convenient way to meet with agencies and/or companies that have received federal funds and in the process of hiring employees to complete projects. When attending job fairs, be sure to dress professionally, for you are going to make a first and lasting impression with potential employers. Also, be sure to have resumes that you can pass out to prospective employers.
    • Search the Internet. Online employment websites are a convenient way to find a federal stimulus job. Federal websites such as and allow you to query job opportunities by agency, location and occupation. Depending on the site, you may be able to apply for vacancies and post your resume online.
    • Visit your local unemployment office. The local unemployment office can provide information on federal stimulus jobs that are currently or available in your local area. Staff may also be able to give you insight and a timeframe on future job opportunities that will be available.
    • Sign up for job email lists or alerts from federal agencies so that you're notified about work that relates to your expertise.


  • If you are a veteran or served in the military for three or more consecutive years and received an honorable discharge, be sure to note that on your application so you receive veterans’ preference.
  • Attend seminars or take classes to learn more about topics such as green technology and other forms of alternative energy. This knowledge will increase your marketability and chances of landing a federal stimulus job.

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