How to Find a Country Song

Two Methods:Using the MelodyUsing Lyrics and Other Information

Heard a new country tune and can't get it out of your head? If you want to learn the name of it, there are a variety of mobile apps and online searches that you can do to find it more easily. You can learn to search using the melody of the song, the lyrics, or other information you may remember.

Method 1
Using the Melody

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    Download Shazam or MusicID on your mobile device. If you're listening to a country song currently and can't figure out what it is or who it is by, open up one of these apps on your phone, activate it, and hold it up to the sound source.[1] These apps are very effective at recognizing songs and giving you the name of the artist and the name of the tune.
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    Hum the melody into SoundHound. This free app analyzes the melody and presents you with a list of possible options. Midomi is another program that works in a similar way. Even if you're not a great singer, the program can recognize the intervals that you're singing. Hum along as much of the melody as you can remember.
    • NameMyTune and WatZatSong present your singing sample to people online, making it somewhat more reliable than a computer. People usually get back to you pretty quick with a list of options.
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    Record the song and upload it to AudioTag. If you don't have any of these options available to you, try to record as much of the song as you can on your phone. It doesn't have to be a great-quality sound file, just good enough for someone to recognize it. When you're back at your computer, you can upload it to AudioTag. This is a bot program that analyzes the music much like Shazam, but on the computer.
    • Recording the track, if you can, is a great way of learning what it is later. Play the track around to other people, to see if you get any hits.
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    Try to pick out the melody on a virtual keyboard. While these methods are traditionally reserved for classical music, Musipedia or MelodyCatcher allow you to play the melody of a song on an online keyboard, which it then analyzes.[2] There are a variety of pop, rock, and country songs as well.

Method 2
Using Lyrics and Other Information

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    Narrow down your search. You have to know something about a song to find it. Anything that you can remember about the song will be helpful in narrowing down your search.
    • Is the song sung by a man or a woman?
    • Does it sound old or new? Any country song with AutoTune or electronic drum fills isn't going to be by George Jones.
    • What's the song about? try to remember any words from the song at all. try to remember the content of the song.
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    Search for any lyrics you remember. Open Google and type any lyrics that you remember in quotation marks. Then type the word "lyrics" and any other context that you can remember. See what comes up, then search for the song in YouTube or iTunes or some other database of your choice. The chorus is best, but any lyrics are helpful.
    • Cowboy Lyrics is the best country music lyric database on the internet, but Google will usually take you there. It tends to skew more toward classic country, rather than contemporary pop country, though, so it might be hard to find what you're looking for.
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    Describe the video, if you've seen it. If the song was less memorable than the video that you saw, try to describe it. What happens in the video? What's the plot? Describe the video in as much detail as possible in your search.
    • Keep it short and to-the-point: "country music video car wreck on a dirt road"
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    Search for new top releases on the country charts. If you're fairly certain the song was new when you heard it, check out what new singles were released in the last couple weeks, and what country songs are climbing the charts. Make a playlist of the songs and listen to them to see if your song is in there. If not, you might find one you like even more.
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    Listen to country radio. If you hear the song being played, write down some of the lyrics so that you can search them on the Internet later. Some radio stations announce the title of the song and the artist after the song is over, but others may not. Either way, you can hear the song again and learn more about tit.
    • Write down the name of the station and the time that you heard the song. Lots of radio stations put playlists online, if they don't call them out on air. You could also call the DJs of the radio stations and try to describe the song.

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