How to Find a Community Service Program

Many High School students require community service credits (often around 100 hours) to graduate. More than this, teenagers and adults alike recognize the benefits for society granted by volunteer work. Doing community service can give you an incredible feeling of fulfillment and even boost your self esteem by reminding you that, for all of your faults, you really are a good person. Corporations are also recognizing volunteering a service work and a PR tool and a human resources strategy.

Whatever your reason may be, here's a guide to finding community service.


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    Determine what kind of work you'd like to be doing. Soup kitchens? Tutoring? Home assistant to the disabled? Building homes in third world countries? It doesn't matter if you're constructing dams or making cups of tea, as long as you know what it is.
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    Make a list of conditions under which you are unwilling to work. Disabled people depress you? You're unused to physical labor? You get impatient with small children? Decide upon the conditions that will force you to turn down an opening.
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    Look for community service programs. There are a large number of round-the-clock one through three week programs running in South America, deans and teachers can help you search if you are a student, and simple Google searches return huge numbers of results.
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    Select a program that will be enjoyable and worthwhile.
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    Begin working at your new job, and give it your all. The emotional return can turn this type of work into a habit.


  • If you make your list of unwanted conditions too long, you won't be able to select a program, so be careful, and ask yourself "Would this really stop me from enjoying myself at all?"
  • Find volunteer opportunity that matches your strengths to an agency's needs. Share your talents.
  • United Way of America is a network of local United Ways that are often the local "Volunteer Centers". Find your local Unite Way at
  • Volunteer Match is an excellent resource for seeking out service programs.


  • Community service will expose you to awkward situations, so be prepared.
  • Often, you may be helping people considerably less well off than you, in one way or another, and this can at times be a little depressing. Make sure that you leave extra time to enjoy yourself as well as time at your job.

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