How to Find a Banking Job Internship

Within the banking industry, there are numerous employment opportunities and career paths to choose from, each requiring a different set of skills, training and education. If you are interested in working in a bank but you are uncertain of which area you think you may like to work in, finding a bank job internship is a great way to explore your options while getting some experience under your belt.


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    Look for a banking job internship.
    • Many internships are available to students. Banks may base these on the academic calendar.
    • Determine which semesters you prefer to do your banking internship. If there are semesters you are unable to intern, make a note of those.
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    Consult with your college or financial aid adviser.
    • Find out whether there are any qualifications for a banking internship.
    • Inquire about earning college credit through the banking internship.
    • Ask whether there are any banking job internships available through the college.
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    Check with the career service office at your college or university.
    • Ask about any available resources to students. Many colleges employ professionals to assist with student placement in internships or jobs.
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    Prepare a resume. Even though you don't have experience in the banking industry, it's important to show all your other job experience.
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    Attend job fairs whenever you can. Colleges and universities often host job fairs open to the public. Speak with banking industries about possible internships.
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    Search the local newspapers for available internships. If anything looks interesting, call and send your resume.
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    Stop into local bank branches.
    • Fill out an application.
    • Leave your resume for consideration.
    • Ask if you can speak with the hiring manager or leave a name and number and ask for a call back when the individual is available.


  • Ask your mentor questions. Chances are your mentor is a full-time associate and will have a lot of input regarding a paid position in the future.
  • Minimize your mistakes. Making mistakes is inevitable when you are new to the business, but you want to keep them to a minimum. Whenever possible, check your work before someone else does.
  • Banking interns are more of a liability than an asset. It takes time to train people, and there is no incentive to train someone who may not stay with the company.


  • Never brag about yourself. You are new to the field and do not know everything.
  • Don't complain. As an intern, you may have to complete tasks that seem odd, such as picking up a person's dry cleaning.
  • Don't hesitate. Be eager to learn and always do as much as possible. If there is an opportunity to help someone with something or the chance to take on a new project, do it.

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