How to Find a "Military Friendly" Online School

We have all heard the term “Military Friendly School” but has anyone ever stopped to think, what does that mean? Find out what it means for a school to be "Military Friendly".


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    Since you are looking to take classes online, you want to choose a school with online capabilities. Online classes are especially valuable for military students. With chances for deployment or transferring, online classes can be 100% mobile and go anywhere with you.
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    Make sure the institution considers ACE recommendations for your military training. The American Council on Education is the only education organization that represents all types of US accredited, degree-granting institutions. What does this mean for you? Anything you've taken in boot camp/basic training can be transferred into college credit. To find more information on ACE, go to
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    Be sure that the institution abides by Military Students Bill of Rights. This ensures your rights as a military students. Know your Rights!
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    Confirm that the institution is accredited regionally or nationally by an organization listed by the Dept of Education. There are two main types of educational accreditation currently used by online colleges & universities: regional accreditation and national accreditation. Each accreditation type has certain advantages and disadvantages. After finding out about each accreditation type, decide which type of accreditation fits your learning style.
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    Double check that the institution accepts Post 9/11 GI Bill and Military Tuition Assistance for online college classes. You need to know how you're going to pay for school. Be familiar with you military tuition assistance. If you're active duty/guard/reserve (in good standing), chances are you have tuition assistance available to you for accredited online classes. IF YOU DON'T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT! For more info on your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, visit your local VA.
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    Try online search resources. Going to a online education site can be a huge help in this process. They have done the research for you. All schools listed on their site are "military friendly".

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