How to Fill in a Small Area With Concrete

Do you have a small area/hole that you need to fill in with concrete? Do you feel you have the skills to do it yourself?


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    You will need to dig the area out to a depth of about 3–4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm).
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    Compact the soil below. Use a dirt tamper. Make sure the area has no puddles before you pour the concrete.
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    Form the area by using 2 x 4's on their side, thus creating a box or shape that the concrete will be placed. If there is a natural border i.e. concrete around, or other type of framing, you will not need to build the form. Use wooden stakes to secure the forms. Use duplex nails to nail the stakes to the outside of the forms. Duplex nails are made in such a way that they can easily be pulled out once your concrete cures.
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    Mix the pre-mixed concrete (the bags that say "Just add Water") in a wheelbarrow. Slowly add water to the mix and stir frequently. Make sure you leave some concrete available in case you make the mix too wet. If you do, just add some more concrete. The consistency of the mix should feel like clay that you can mould.
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    Pour the concrete into the area, and use another 2 x 4 to screed or rod the cement. Place the 2 x 4 on it's side and with the 2 x 4 resting on the edges of your forms slowly pull the screed board toward you filling in the area, and leaving it nice a level to the forms.
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    Take a MAG-float, this looks like a regular concrete float, but it is thicker and made of wood, or magnesium. Use this to slowly float the cement causing the pores to close.
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    Wait until the surface is free of stagnant water and it looks somewhat dry. Now take a steel float and smooth out the surface.


  • Concrete is considered a hazardous material pay attention to all the safety warning when dealing with concrete.
  • Use safety precautions when working with cement. Always wear eye, hand, feet, and skin protection.
  • Don't let children near the site where you are working.

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