How to Fill a Canteen

Whether you are going on an overnight trip in the woods or crossing the Sahara desert, a canteen can save your life, if filled correctly. This will show you how to fill yours.


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    Acquire a canteen. These can be found at most convenience stores or on eBay. Decide yourself if you want multiple or one large one. Do you want it camouflaged or it to be a bright color? It's all up to you.
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    Unscrew the lid or pop out the cork. Most modern canteens have a lid that you twist left to open, but a few go for that rustic look by using a cork. Keep your lid/cork intact though, don't accidentally through it away!
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    Pour water in it. Tilt it at a 90 degree angle so that you can get the most water in. In place where water is scarce, consider putting another container under it to prevent water wastage.
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    Securely put the lid/cork back on. With lids, twist it right until you can't twist it any more. For a cork, pop it in as far as possible while able to get it back out again.


  • Put your own, personal sign on it if others have canteens so you don't get them mixed up.
  • You can put ice in it if you want.


  • Do not put yourself in danger to test your skills with canteens.

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