How to Fill a Bag for the Bags of Love

There is a wonderful organization of people who make and fill goodie bags (Bags of Love) for children who must enter the foster care system.

In many instances, these children are unable to take along any of their toys, clothes or things. Bags of Love seeks to give each child a "Bag of Love" containing toys, toiletries, a blanket and a game or book.

Here is how to fill a bag for dropping off at the central collection point near you.


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    Obtain or construct an appropriately sized bag. Standard Bags are 22 inches (55.9 cm) wide by 25–28 inches (63.5–71.1 cm) high with an outside pocket and drawstring closure.
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    Determine what age and sex of child you are collecting items for. Typical age groupings are: Birth to age three. Age four to seven. Age eight to twelve, and teens 12-16.
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    Obtain age and sex appropriate items. See "Things You Will Need" section below.
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    Stuff them in the bag.
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    Drop off the bag at your local collection point. (Give it to Social Services, a Sheriffs Department or other agency if there is no Bags of Love chapter near you. Better yet? Start a local chapter!)


  • Bags of Love does not have a centralized national headquarters. It is a loosely associated organization of local chapters. You can find a local chapter by Googling and looking for listings on sites. Many chapters are started by faith based organizations, so check out the church listings as well.
  • Take extra thought with bags intended for small children. Avoid packing them with anything that has sharp edges or items that can be choked on or swallowed.
  • Give only items that are in new or new condition. Giving second hand or shoddy items is an insult to both the child and the organization you are donating to.

Things You'll Need

  • An appropriately sized, drawstring bag
  • Toiletries - Soap, shampoo, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth.
  • Soft things - blanket, stuffed animals
  • Toys - Age appropriate and unbreakable if at all possible.
  • Books - Age appropriate. Coloring books and crayons, Activity books, Journals, etc
  • School supplies for older children - Notebook, pencils, ruler, markers, etc.

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