How to File Income Tax Returns Online in India

Do you want to learn how to file your income tax return in the simplest, smartest and fastest way? If yes, then this article is for you! The best way is to do it online. Filing taxes online (as against on paper) will save you time, money and visits to your tax advisor and the Income Tax Office. Let us look at the steps involved.

This article is about filing Indian income tax returns. Don't use it for US Tax returns


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    Connect to the internet and register with one of the online tax filing (e-filing) websites.
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    Choose a filing plan from the ones offered
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    Fill in your personal and financial information as required.
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    Review your data and generate your return (in XML format) online itself.
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    Sign your return using a digital signature. Certain filing plans include a digital signature as part of the package.
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    Authorize your service provider - the website - to e-file on your behalf, if they are certified by the I-T Department to do so.
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    Check if you received the acknowledgment sent to you via email.
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    Choose how to e-file: You can choose to e-file without a digital signature. You will then be sent an ITR-Verification Form via email. Print and sign the Form. Send this signed Form in an A4 size envelope without folding to the I-T Office at the appropriate address. You will receive the final acknowledgment via email, for your records.


  • Organise your paperwork before you connect to the internet.
  • Use the Customer Support channels available (email / chat / phone assistance) for help on navigating the website.
  • Browse through any useful tax-related information that the website may contain, especially the FAQs.
  • Register with your chosen e-filing website a few days before you decide to prepare and file your return.


  • If you do not receive an acknowledgment within a week's time, contact your service provider immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Your Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • Your Salary Slips for the financial year.
  • Your Form 16 issued by the organisations that employed you in the financial year.
  • Certificates for Tax Deducted at Source (Form 16A - Income & TDS Certificate) issued by the entity deducting tax at source from your income other than Salary.
  • Rent Receipts, PPF Challans and other such records that contain data you will need to enter while preparing your return
  • Remember: The Income Tax Department does not ask for any of these documents. They only need certain information that they contain...
  • And of course, access to a computer with an internet connection!

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