How to File for Disability in Utah

Four Methods:Required Disability DocumentationFiling Disability at the SSA OfficeFiling Disability Online at the SSA WebsiteDisability Determination Process

To file for disability in the state of Utah, you are required to submit a disability benefits application to the Social Security Administration (SSA) on the Internet or at any SSA office. The Utah Division of Disability Determination Services (DDS), which is a division under the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, then reviews your disability claim using the medical records you have provided to determine if you are legitimately disabled or blind. After the Utah DDS has determined that you are disabled or blind and cannot work due to your disability, they will notify the SSA, who will then begin to send you disability benefit payments. Continue reading this article to learn about the processes for filing disability in Utah.

Method 1
Required Disability Documentation

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    Collect all medical evidence pertaining to your disability. For your disability claim to be approved, you must provide the Utah DDS with all your medical records and evidence surrounding your disability.
    • Obtain your medical records from your doctors and health care providers, as well as detailed information about your prescription medications, and the contact information for all your health care providers.
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    Gather information about your employment history. In addition to reviewing your medical records, the Utah DDS will review your work history and may contact your employers in regards to the type of work you perform. You can only receive disability payments if your disability prevents you from working for the rest of your life or for at least 12 consecutive months.
    • Collect job descriptions and the contact information of your employers for the last 5 jobs you held.
    • If you were discharged from the military due to your disability, obtain the DD 214 form that validates your military discharge status. The Utah DDS will need to review this official military form to validate your employment status.
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    Collect your tax information for the previous year. The Utah DDS will review your earnings and the amount of taxes you paid the previous year to determine if you financially qualify to receive disability payments.
    • Gather copies of your federal tax return or W-2 statements.
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    Collect details about insurance claims you have filed in the past, if applicable. The Utah DDS will follow up with each insurance claim to verify whether or not you are continuing to receive insurance-related payments.
    • Gather the contact information for each insurance company, as well as the claim number for each claim filed.

Method 2
Filing Disability at the SSA Office

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    Schedule an appointment to file your disability claim. The SSA requires you to make an appointment during which you will file your disability claim.
    • Call the SSA appointment line at 1-800-772-1213 and choose an appointment time. You can file for disability at any SSA office in your local area.
    • If you are deaf or hearing impaired, call 1-800-325-0778 to make your appointment.
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    Arrive on time for your disability appointment with the SSA. After you arrive at the SSA office for your appointment, you will be asked to fill out an application and other paperwork regarding your disability, which will then be submitted to the SSA and the Utah DDS for review.
    • Bring all the documentation you compiled for filing disability; such as your medical records, employment information, tax information, and military discharge form.

Method 3
Filing Disability Online at the SSA Website

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    Locate the online SSA disability application. The SSA website will allow you to file for disability online without being required to visit an SSA office.
    • Visit the "Social Security Disability" website, which is listed within the Sources section of this article.
    • Click on the "Apply for Disability" button, then complete the section on the right to start the application process.
    • Click on "Apply for Benefits" after you have completed the "start your application" section to access the SSA online disability paperwork.
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    Fill out the SSA disability application. The SSA website will guide you through each step of the online paperwork until you have reached the end of the application process.
    • Enter your medical evidence and information surrounding your disability into the SSA online application. You may need to refer to the documents you gathered earlier to complete the application in its entirety.
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    Send copies of your medical evidence to an SSA office in Utah. Although you have submitted your application using the Internet, you will still be required to provide the SSA with documents to support your claim. The SSA will then forward your medical evidence to the Utah DDS team, who will review your disability claim.
    • Follow the directions on the SSA website regarding the process for sending your documents to an SSA office.

Method 4
Disability Determination Process

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    Receive your disability benefits letter from the SSA. After the Utah DDS has determined that you are blind or disabled, they will send your information back to the SSA office so they can process your disability payments. The letter you receive from the SSA will provide details about your payments.
    • If the Utah DDS does not conclude that you are legitimately blind or disabled for the sake of receiving disability benefit payments, the letter you receive will provide you with instructions on how to appeal the determination. In the event that you decide to appeal the determination, your disability claim will be reviewed by different team members from the Utah DDS.


  • If the Utah DDS team reviewing your disability claim determines that they need additional medical evidence to validate your claim, they will contact the medical sources you have provided for additional information. Provide the SSA and the Utah DDS with all your medical evidence up front to prevent your disability payments from being delayed.

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