How to File for Disability in Minnesota

Four Methods:Personal Disability InformationOnline Disability ApplicationAlternative Filing ProcessesDisability Determination Process

Filing for disability in the state of Minnesota requires you to complete a disability application and report, which are then submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for review. After the SSA has reviewed your paperwork, they will send it to the Minnesota Disability Determination Services (DDS) office, who will then make a decision regarding if you should receive financial disability benefits. The Minnesota DDS will make their decision based on your medical records and your statement on the application regarding why you think you should receive disability. You can currently file for disability benefits online or meet with an SSA representative to file for disability. Continue reading to learn about the different ways you can file for disability in the state of Minnesota to receive financial benefits from the SSA.

Method 1
Personal Disability Information

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    Determine if you should apply to receive disability benefits. Minnesota's DDS will only approve you for disability if you are legitimately disabled and cannot perform any type of work or labor for the rest of your life or for at least 1 year.
    • Speak to your medical facility, doctor, or health care provider to determine the exact length of your disability before you apply for benefits from the SSA.
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    Collect all your personal medical records and disability information. The Minnesota DDS will be reviewing all your medical information to determine the length and severity of your disability condition and how it will affect your ability to work.
    • Collect copies of your medical records from your health care provider, any test or laboratory results for your disability, prescription information, medical appointments and their frequency, and the names, phone numbers, and addresses for every doctor, medical facility, and health care provider that you have worked with.
    • If you are missing any vital documentation regarding your disability, contact the appropriate parties to gather the missing information. Any missing documentation regarding your disability may be challenged by the Minnesota DDS when they review your application.
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    Gather and collect personal data needed to file disability. The SSA and DDS offices will need proper forms of identification from yourself and additional information to process your disability payments if you are approved for benefits.
    • Collect your birth certificate and Social Security Number, a copy of your federal tax return from the previous year if you are self-employed or your W-2 forms from the previous year, and your bank account and routing numbers for direct deposit of the disability payments.
    • Gather information about your last 5 jobs; including the names of your job titles, job descriptions, and the names and contact information for your employers for all 5 jobs.
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    Compile information about any insurance claims you have ever filed. The Minnesota DDS will review your reasons for filing any past insurance and worker's compensation claims and review the outcomes of each claim.
    • Gather the claim numbers for each claim filed and the names, addresses, and phone numbers for each insurance company.

Method 2
Online Disability Application

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    Access the disability application online at the SSA website.
    • Click on the "SSA" website link featured in the Sources section of this article.
    • Complete the section on the right side of the webpage by indicating if you are filing disability benefits for yourself or for another person, then indicate if you are blind or visually impaired.
    • Click directly on "Apply for Benefits" to proceed to the disability application.
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    Complete the online disability application. The application will be divided into 3 separate sections; a section that requests your personal and bank account information, a section that requests the medical details surrounding your disability, and a medical release form that seeks your approval for review of your medical documents by the SSA and DDS.
    • Enter your information into the appropriate fields on the online disability application. You may need to refer to the documents you gathered earlier to enter exact dates on which your disability began, and various other information as requested by the SSA application.
    • Click on the "Next" button at the bottom of every page of the online application to proceed to each successive page until you have reached the end of the application.
    • Click directly on the "Sign Now" button when you have completed the application. Clicking on this button will submit your online application to the SSA.
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    Mail your disability documents to the SSA office address provided to you on the screen. After completing the online application, you will be given instructions on where to send documents that support your disability claim; such as medical records and health care provider information.
    • You will also have the option to bring your documents to the nearest Minnesota SSA office in person if you do not want to send them to the SSA office by mail.

Method 3
Alternative Filing Processes

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    Determine how you want to file for disability. You can either file in person at any SSA office in Minnesota or file for disability over the phone.
    • If you file for disability over the phone, you will be required to either mail your disability documents to the nearest SSA office in Minnesota or physically take the documents to the office.
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    Make an appointment to file for disability. Regardless if you file in person at an SSA office or over the phone, you will be required to schedule an appointment.
    • Call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to schedule a telephone appointment or an in-person appointment at the nearest Minnesota SSA office.
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    Go to or attend your disability appointment. During your appointment, you will speak with and present your disability documents to a member of the SSA.
    • Bring all the disability documents you compiled for the filing process with you to the SSA office, or have access to your documents during your telephone appointment.

Method 4
Disability Determination Process

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    Receive feedback about your disability application from the SSA. After the SSA has received your disability application and submitted it to the Minnesota DDS office, you will be notified by mail if you have been approved to receive financial disability benefits from the SSA.
    • If you have questions about the status of your disability application, or if you need to provide additional medical documentation about your disability, you can contact the Minnesota DDS at 1-651-296-2574 or correspond with the DDS by mail at: Disability Determination Services, P.O. Box 64709, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55164.

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