How to File a Small Business Insurance Claim

If you own a small business, it's important to understand the insurance that covers your investment and how to file a claim in the event of a disaster or accident. You need to know what parts of your coverage will cover certain incidents and how to go about using that coverage. Learn how to file a small business insurance claim so your business is covered in an emergency.


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    Act immediately.
    • If your business has been affected by crime or disaster, file a small business insurance claim as soon as you can. Contact your agent immediately so he or she can help you get the filing process started. If a crime has been committed, call the police immediately and get copies of any paperwork filed by the police in case you need it for your claim.
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    Photograph the damage.
    • Part of filing a small business insurance claim is documenting damage to your business and property, so be sure to take multiple pictures of the damage that has occurred. Include photographs of broken equipment, structural damage and damaged inventory.
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    Obtain witness statements.
    • Get written statements from anyone who witnessed the incident that caused the damage to your business to include in your small business insurance claim filing. These witness statements will help confirm the damage and events. Be sure that witnesses are willing to talk to a claims representative from your insurance company.
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    Make a list of losses.
    • Compile a list of all the costs that your business will incur as a result of the damage. List any structures in the building or equipment that was damaged, the value of any damaged inventory and an estimate of the number of work hours lost to time needed for repairs or maintenance.
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    Review your policy.
    • After you've notified the necessary parties, review your policy closely so you are familiar with the benefits you can expect for your small business claim. It's important to review the details so you can ask your representative any questions if the amounts or benefits quoted are different than what is listed in your policy.
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    Collect business records.
    • Collect any relevant business records that you will need to prove the value of damaged equipment, inventory or structures that you're including in your small business insurance claim. These records will contain financial information necessary to prove your claim.
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    Make repairs as necessary.
    • It might be necessary to perform minor repairs or maintenance to avoid further damage to your business or property. Be sure to make these repairs through a contractor or repair service approved by your insurance company to ensure that you will reimbursed for any expenses.

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