How to File a Complaint Against an Arizona Realtor

A complaint can be filed against a realtor when they have demonstrated behavior that violates the real estate statutes of their state; such as failing to disclose information, illegal advertising, or if they are performing realtor duties without a valid real estate license. In the state of Arizona, complaints against realtors must be filed with the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE). After the ADRE reviews your complaint, they will close your file or escalate it to the Enforcement and Compliance Division, who may take disciplinary action on the realtor for their behavior. To file a complaint, you must write a full statement that describes the incident, make copies of any additional paperwork related to your complaint, and mail your information with an official complaint form to the ADRE.


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    Write a detailed description of your complaint. The complaint can be written on blank sheets of notebook paper.
    • Provide factual information about the events that transpired in chronological order; such as the names of all parties and witnesses present, times and dates the incident occurred, the location where the incident occurred, and how the incident initially transpired.
    • Include quotes or actual words stated by or exchanged with the realtor, as well as details about written and verbal promises and representation, if applicable.
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    Make copies of documents related to your complaint. This will help the ADRE verify the validity of your complaint and make the appropriate decision regarding a formal investigation.
    • Provide legible copies of any paperwork evidence you have; including contracts, cancelled checks, receipts, title documents, email correspondence between you and the realtor, and more.
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    Obtain the Investigation Request form. You can print a copy of the form from the ADRE website or call the ADRE main office directly to have a form mailed to you.
    • Click on the "ADRE" website link provided in the Sources section of this article.
    • Click on the "Request an Investigation" link located in the right sidebar of the website to access and print a copy of the form.
    • Call the main ADRE office at 602-771-7799 to request that a copy of the Investigation Request form be mailed to you if you do not have access to the Internet and a printer.
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    Complete the Investigation Request form. You can complete every field in the form using a typewriter or with black ink.
    • Indicate the type of complaint you are filing. This can be done by placing one or more check marks next to the description of the violation performed by your realtor.
    • Provide information regarding any legal action you have taken. The legal action section of the form will ask you for your attorney's contact information, if you have hired an attorney to represent you in court regarding your complaint.
    • Provide the realtor's name and company information. In addition to sending the realtor a copy of your complaint, the ADRE may be contacting the realtor to speak in length about the incident.
    • Provide your personal contact information. The ADRE will be contacting you after they have received your complaint to keep you notified about further developments in the case.
    • Sign and date the form within the certification section of the form.
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    Send your complaint to the ADRE office. Your envelope or package must contain your detailed, written statement, copies of documents related to your complaint, and the Investigation Request form.
    • Address your envelope to: Arizona Department of Real Estate, Investigations Division, 2910 North 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018.
    • After the ADRE receives your complaint, they will send a copy of your complaint to the realtor, who will then be required to provide the ADRE with a written response. Depending on the realtor's response, and the facts surrounding your complaint, the realtor may be subject to disciplinary action from the ADRE.

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