How to File a Complaint Against a Texas Realtor

If you are a Texas resident who feels that your Realtor or real estate broker has violated business ethics in one or more ways, you can file a formal complaint with the Texas Real Estate Commission, or "Commission." Your complaint will then be reviewed by the Commission, who will determine if further investigation into the matter is required. If your complaint cannot be resolved, a hearing can be scheduled for official resolution in a court of law. To file a complaint against a Texas Realtor, you must complete the complaint form, make copies of any supporting documentation, and mail or fax your complaint to the Commission.


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    Determine if your complaint can be investigated by the Commission.
    • The Commission will handle complaints that involve real estate brokers, sales persons, and inspectors, residential service companies, timeshare plans, Realtor who are unlicensed, real estate instructors, and complaints that have occurred within the last 4 years.
    • The Commission will not handle your complaint if it involves mortgage companies, builders of new homes, title companies, a dispute between parties who both hold real estate licenses, sellers or buyers who are also unlicensed, and complaints that occurred over 4 years ago.
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    Gather copies of documents that are relevant to your complaint. For example, if you want to file a complaint about a Realtor who falsely advertised the appearance of a property, gather copies of the photographs that were used in the advertisement and actual photographs of the property.
    • Other types of documents you can file with your claim are copies of sales or rental contracts, disclosure statements, inspection reports, receipts, cancelled checks, and any other applicable paperwork.
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    Obtain a copy of the complaint form. A form can be printed from the Commission's website or obtained directly from the Commission office.
    • Visit the Texas Real Estate Commission website featured in the Sources section of this article to access and print the complaint form.
    • If you do not have access to the Internet, call the Commission office at 936-3000 to receive a copy by mail or to find an office location where a complaint form can be obtained.
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    Fill out the complaint form.
    • If you are using the Internet, you will have the option to type your information into the online form; however, if you are filling it out by hand, you must use a pen with blue or black ink.
    • Indicate that you are filing a complaint against a Realtor by placing a check mark next to "Real estate broker or salesperson" in the first section of the form.
    • Enter your personal contact information, and the contact information for the Realtor you are filing a complaint against.
    • Indicate whether you have hired an attorney regarding your complaint and provide the contact information for your attorney, if applicable.
    • Write a detailed description about your complaint in the space provided. Start with the earliest dates and events that transpired and close your statement with the most recent events. You may attach additional sheets if your entire complaint does not fit into the space provided.
    • Indicate whether you have informed the Realtor about the complaint you are filing, and document their response to the complaint, if applicable.
    • Provide the names and contact information for any witnesses involved in your complaint.
    • Indicate the types of documents you have included with your complaint form; such as contracts or photographs.
    • Sign and date the complaint form.
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    Send your complaint with any relevant documentation to the main Commission office. You can send your complaint by mail or fax.
    • To send your complaint by mail, address the envelope to Standards and Enforcement Services, P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188.
    • If you are faxing your complaint, fax it to 512-936-380.
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    Wait to receive confirmation by mail that your complaint was received. If the Commission has decided to investigate your complaint, the Realtor will receive a copy of your complaint and an attempt to resolve the complaint will take place. If it has been determined that the complaint rules in your favor, the Realtor may be conducive to disciplinary action.
    • If the Commission has decided not to investigate your complaint and you disagree with their decision, you will have the option to hire an attorney to represent you at a hearing to further address the complaint.

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