How to File a Claim for Fire Insurance

No matter how many precautions you take, there will be usually be some damage caused by fire. To minimize the financial impact of the damage caused, a fire insurance policy is recommended, both for domestic and commercial establishments. If you are in the position of having to make a claim for a fire event, this article will help you know how to file a fire insurance claim successfully.


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    Contact the insurer. This is the first step that every policy holder should do whenever there is a fire incident and damage caused by it. Once the officials have extinguished fire, contact the insurer, and report the incident.
    • Note: If there is involvement of the police, then make sure you provide a copy of the police FIR (fire incident report).
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    Make use of any available financial or resources advance. After the fire, you may have been forced to evacuate your home and seek a temporary place to reside. If you do not have an adequate amount of cash in hand to buy essential items such as toiletries, clothes, etc., then call the insurer to send a check for payment of a certain amount of sum insured, as an advance amount.
    • Note: Insurers do make advance payments, which are later adjusted from the total claim amount sanctioned.
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    Make a list of losses. To assess the damage caused, and to get substantial amount as reimbursement, it is necessary to keep a track of all the losses incurred after the fire accident. While making a list of the losses, make sure that you:
    • Do not dispose of the burnt goods/items
    • Do not initiate repairs for damaged structures
    • Keep all the evidence of lost/damaged items.
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    Approach the insurer to file a claim. Insurers ask policy holders to file a claim as soon as an accident occurs. Call the fire insurance company or the insurance agent to assess the loss and initiate the claim process. The insurance company will ask you to submit a “Proof of Loss Claim” that will indicate the lost/damaged items against their respective values. The claim document will comprise the following key information:
    • Date of loss
    • Type of loss or damage
    • Location of damage
    • Any related injuries
    • Others involved
    • Condition of the home or office
    • Description of damaged contents
    • Whether or not temporary repairs are necessary
    • A police report.
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    Get the estimates of the repairs needing to be done. After filing a fire insurance claim, you will be able to obtain reimbursement for repair of damage caused by fire to home and household items. To get the appropriate reimbursement, it is necessary to get proper estimates of the repairs.
    • Note: Keep the original receipts and estimates of repair as insurance company demand original documents.

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